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 'Sommervergnügen' Anders Zorn 1885 {{PD}}

‘Sommervergnügen’ Anders Zorn 1885 {{PD}}

The aspects for the 10th and leading up to the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 11th are fraught with tension and a sense of ‘Big Moments’–and yet, depending on how one or more of these hook into your personal chart, much of the tension and revelation may only occur on an interior level; that is, we could brace ourselves for a big splash yet hit the water only in our own minds. At least some of this effect could come from the Dark of the Moon preceding the New Moon–but, we could be inordinately occupied with hurt from the past, with establishing a smart power position or wise transformation in service to facilitating and maximizing our creative efforts and the rewards they will bring, and yet we are too ambition focused, and our thinking is too much in conflict with what we truly value, to be effective. We may find ourselves in a ‘Me vs. the Group’ situation, or worse, in a fight against our own originality or rebelling against (and so rejecting) those qualities that make us different–which of course are so often the keys to making the most of our creativity and our opportunities!

Frustrating may be too mild a word to describe the influences on the 10th, though what we need to remember is that, despite the tension we can make stellar progress in both instituting wise change and in gaining reward and creating opportunity related to our creative and spiritual goals, if we honor our ambitions and goals with the same respect we show to our ability to earn and our ability to ‘own’ (that is, be responsible for) our own thoughts and energy dedication. We can advance our wants in direct proportion to our willingness to be both autonomous and dedicated to what we’re pursuing. No blame belongs to others or circumstances, in terms of our own progress–it’s all up to us (Chiron parallel SN, Pluto conjoined Pallas, Mars opp Uranus, Venus semi-sq Jupiter and trine Neptune, Merc sq Vesta, Sun sxt Zeus).

The 11th reinforces this, and potentially, at least, offers a payoff, reward, or an opportunity to exercise our talents and abilities in a way that directly supports our goals–but this may only appear if we embrace responsibility for our own situation on the 10th, and then negotiate our actions and choices in such a way that we do not allow a sense of victimization or hurt to drive our direction (Vesta parallel Zeus, Mars qnx Chiron, Venus novile NN, Merc novile Ceres). And then, of course, there’s the New Moon.

The Sun and Moon meet at 19 Sagittarius 02 on the 11th at 2:28 AM Pacific time. The NM creates a rough arm to a loose opposition of Chiron to Jupiter, suggesting that what is born (or conceived) at this point will offer some sort of answer to or spark a reconciliation within a situation where wounds may have been in direct conflict with (and so preventing progress toward) current opportunities–and if we count the Earth, we actually have a Grand Cross, which promises a material solution, effect, or outcome to the T’s energies.

The NM also trines Uranus, lending events a sudden, spontaneous, or surprising quality, and for those who have natal placements in the 15-20 range of Leo, this NM brings a chance to achieve balance between a Uranian element in your life (your own rebelliousness, originality, intellect, or in interaction with the group) and the natal energy, through the new start of the New Moon. The NM also sextiles Mars and Zeus, sending the energy of the NM inception naturally to our ambition and desire-related choices, especially as they manifest in relationships (Libra)–and again, if one has a placement at 17-18 Taurus, one receives a Finger of God from the New Moon, implying that what begins here, and prompts action or choice involving the goals or ambitions, resolves through expression of the natal energy, or through matters of the House it rules, if any. And as an aside, anything outside these two degrees won’t count toward formation of a Finger, simply because we need to keep the base contacts within quincunx range of orb (no more than 2 degrees for any involved body).

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘In An Old-Fashioned Northern Village Men Cut The Ice Of A Frozen Pond For Use During The Summer’ This may emphasize the commonality and shared resources of Sagittarius; that is, the accumulated wisdom, learning, facts, knowledge, that are shaped, preserved, passed from one to another, stored for later use. This New Moon adds to our knowledge, possibly through our own efforts in concert with others, and though we may not realize it at the time, what we’re learning will be important in a different ‘season’. This Sabian offers a kind of advice: don’t discount what information you acquire or are privy to now–you will definitely find it useful, even a luxury (ice in summer) to be enjoyed later.

The general picture is one of tension resolved by the New Moon and leading to revelation or the acquisition of information that we’ll find useful in future–not a big splash, necessarily, but one that has an effect, nonetheless.

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New Moon in Sagittarius December 2015