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'At home or Intimacy' Louise Catherine Breslau 1884 {{PD}}

‘At home, or Intimacy’
Louise Catherine Breslau 1884 {{PD}}

Perfecting today is a parallel between Juno and Vesta; this translates as the two bodies being on the same side of, and at the same distance from, the celestial equator (which is itself an imagined projection of the Earth’s equator out into space). We might consider them loosely quincunx, otherwise, with Juno late in the 0 degree of Scorpio and Vesta heading toward 2 degrees Aries, but the parallel adds to the story: where we might’ve seen these two as requiring adjustment to each other, now we see that, despite surface tension, they are really working in harmony, not like two sides of a balance, weighing out their differences–more like parents who disagree fundamentally but manage to align their goals completely when it comes to common interests like the family’s economic welfare or their children.

Each goddess retains her priorities, in this case probably getting to the Truth (Juno in Scorpio) and honoring the needs of the ‘I Am’ (Vesta in Aries). On the face of it this can look like one party concentrating completely outward, focused on others, following a passion, getting down and dirty in the search for ‘What Is’ (Scorpio), while the other seems to be Self-absorbed, concerned with reaching goals (which are treated as sacred) and expressing the personal Will (which is treated the same way); but the reality may be found where the truth of the interaction is found.

Where an investigation into the reality picture meets the needs and expression of the individual, that’s where you’ll find the meaning of this pairing. It will definitely look as if the world is divided into truth-searchers and Self-interested seekers, but the actual actions will be interlocking and so, once each adjusts for the other, complementary. Look for those who are ‘Queen’ of something, those who shoulder responsibility, who exercise and are concerned with their status and reach, and who are concerned with the conduct or fidelity of all kinds of partners or co-‘rulers’, and those who seem to be operating to further the individual agenda but who are proceeding according to their highest standards and values, and so therefore are looking to create ideal circumstances on a scale wider than first glance reveals–each will have her function, each her use, with the result that unlike entities may find themselves coming to a cooperative understanding or an agreement to go forward in concert, where a short while ago such teamwork would’ve seemed untenable.

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