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The world really is your oyster; a new 'I Am' can be born. 'A Water Baby' Herbert James Draper 1899 {{PD}}

The world really is your oyster; a new ‘I Am’ can be born. ‘A Water Baby’ Herbert James Draper 1899 {{PD}}

Recently we’ve been treated to displays and revelations specifically focused on the ambition picture, both for ourselves and for others; now we’re past that need to rebel, the urge to be unreliable in a misguided show of independence, we’re no longer choosing in reaction to the group or some imagined sense of oppression, and finally, finally, we are ready to express our original ideas, our unique concepts and approaches, in the areas where our ambitions lie. We have the energy, focus, and strength to pursue exactly what we desire–and, whether we are conscious of it or not, we are in some way entirely endowed to achieve precisely what we want. This may be the point where many stumble: over the idea that they are already empowered, holding the status, or receiving the support needed to make their ambitions live; they don’t, can’t, or won’t believe they already have what they need, and this will be the thing that stops them–though of course, they’ll see it as a lack of a vital lynchpin that, if they’d only possessed it, would’ve fulfilled their dreams. It’s one of those periods when the whole world conspires to empower you, to give you what you want–why wouldn’t you open your arms and accept it? (The aspects that created the past effect were recent oppositions of Mars and Zeus to Uranus; aspects perfecting today are Mars conjoined Zeus, Juno parallel Zeus)

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