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Lajos Gulácsy 'The Garden of the Magician' 1906 - 1907 {{PD}}

Lajos Gulácsy ‘The Garden of the Magician’ 1906 – 1907 {{PD}}

There is an almost uncanny alignment between our mentality and the physical realm; what we think, our ideas, elide seamlessly with the material world. There is as well a kind of cooperation between limits and boundaries and the thought processes, so that each complements the other. We know when to stop, when to hold back (but whether we do so is a matter of choice!) The best thing is that, as long as we are willing to be very clear between what is and what could be, we will see wisdom shape the creative urge and funnel through the mind. Inspired and yet practical thinking is the result (Merc parallel Saturn, Neptune semi-square Pallas)

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