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Sure, women can be Plutonian, and it doesn't mean she'll devour you, either! John Collier 'In the Venusberg Tannhäuser' 1901 {{PD}}

Sure, women can be Plutonian, and it doesn’t mean she’ll devour you, either! John Collier ‘In the Venusberg Tannhäuser’ 1901 {{PD}}

Do you have any Plutonian people in your life? If so, do you find you’re able to understand (or maybe withstand!) the sheer energy they emit better than the average human? And do you notice they don’t seem to understand their own psychic strength? If you’re hanging around with Plutonians, you’ve probably got a strong Plutonian inclination yourself–nobody else could put up with the x-ray vision that burns as often as it’s insightful, or the ripple that runs through the Cosmos every time one of these Hadean natives gets upset. This came to mind when I was interacting with my very Plutonian husband; he entered this plane in one of those waves of Uranus-Pluto in Virgo, and he has the added bonus of Mars also conjunct this pair, with an Aries Sun like a cherry on the energy sundae, focusing an enormous drive and powerful persona through the individual identity. We were talking about effective communications, and I mentioned to him that the way he goes at interaction is highly Plutonian: he charges forward, bludgeons the unsuspecting with words, then dashes away to his (mental) cave. For him, every conversation is a confrontation, everyone else someone to be bested; he’ll drag you into his own special hell, if given half a chance. It’s not a bad place, it’s just the one he’s comfortable in, and if you can stand the heat, you can get a lot out of that kitchen. Luckily I have Venus in Scorpio; I adore this energy, and I’m absolutely not afraid of the dark, literally or figuratively. What about you? You might be a Plutonian if:

3 points and you can definitely sympathize, empathize, and understand the Plutonian viewpoint; 4-6 points and you find that shadow in you at times; 7-8 points suggests a Plutonian facet to your nature that is definitely a vital expression of who you are; and 9 or more points makes you the Plutonian others make way for.

Somebody searches me every day, and every day they spell my name wrong; they add a ‘w’ where there is none. I don’t mind the misspelling, I mind what it says about the person seeking help. They are bothering to search out what I have to say, but they aren’t observant enough to realize that, day after day, they are searching incorrectly. It implies they aren’t really seeing what’s in front of them, and that implies they aren’t really understanding the posts they find. Whoever you are, slow down and really look–it can only make things easier.

Mercury hit 29 degrees on the 31st and we experienced a cascade of equipment failures over the following hours: my camera and memory card died (after being lost all summer and then working strangely); our car battery died with no warning; and our phone didn’t stop working, but it no longer rings and the speaker function doesn’t work (to everyone’s delight, really, because who likes to be on speaker?); and the cable ‘disappeared’, taking television service but not the internet with it! By the time Merc entered Aquarius in the AM Pacific time of the 2nd, all was resolved, but with Merc going retro at 5:06 AM PST on the 5th, we may have been dealing with what amounts to material world electrical/ modern method chaos, shaped by the sign and degree placement, but spurred by the upcoming retrograde. Leaving Capricorn may have strained the physical components of what carries energy impulses of one kind or another, as if the components themselves were being dragged across a rough surface; drained and damaged, the stress is only cleared with Merc’s entry into the tech-aligned sign of Aquarius. Also of note is the way Merc retros only 2 minutes from completing a square to Mars, suggesting that during the retro period we may want to act, or express our energy or anger, but may not be able to, or may first try words–which may prove woefully inadequate.

But with the retro only days away, I’m anticipating we might have a recurrence of the situation we just saw when Merc once again moves into Cap. This happened between my Whole Sign 12th and 1st Houses, suggesting that what manifested may have been expressions of ‘me’ and my unconscious, specifically in the ways I wanted to change communications, especially communications that were personal (the 1st). Where did it happen for you, and what effects did you notice, if any?

3 January we may discover our active philosophy of life and our working beliefs clash somehow with our highest ideals. With Mars entering Scorpio, we’ll have the energy and drive to dig it all up and resolve the discrepancy–and that’s a good thing to do, as carrying that kind of dissonance disrupts everything. A lucky ‘shift’ in Love or Money is also on the agenda; it’s change you can embrace and enjoy, a kind of reward for those open to modifying the current arrangement (Jupiter contra-parallel Vesta, Venus nov Pluto)

4 January is the day to ‘do it’: we enjoy almost unprecedented internal harmony, a surfeit of wisdom, practical skills are on point or we receive required help within the social sphere, and thoughts vibe to Love, though for a few Money might be the mental tuning fork. What we seek is right in line with our deepest values, and honors what we truly care about (but be prepared to see what you or others really care about–we could find our emphasis is on Love, Money, Relationships, or Life Values when we thought it was on a different one of the four). This is a day with ‘Success!’ written all over it, for those who trust themselves and the Universe–everybody else just gets a nice little boost so really, nobody loses (Jupiter trine Pallas, Venus trine Vesta, Merc parallel Venus)

5 January is an important day, though it might not be an easy one. We see what needs to change, and we may have to answer for missteps made yesterday that were based on misperceptions, fantasies, or lies. As a result, tempers will flare, even if our touchiness is only within our own minds; we won’t like having to face matters we’d rather ignore (especially if we’ve been successfully ignoring them up to now!) but doing so will have the virtue of clearing up a lot of shadows and handing back to us wasted, stolen, or misplaced energy (Venus sq Neptune, Merc sq Mars–though it doesn’t perfect–and Sun conjunct Pluto, both sq Black Moon Lilith)

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