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Alfred Gelbhaar 'Dom im Winter' 1920s {{PD}}

Alfred Gelbhaar ‘Dom im Winter’ 1920s {{PD}}

noun: headwind; plural noun: headwinds
  1. a wind blowing from directly in front, opposing forward motion.

We don’t like what we hear about our prospects for ambition and desire fulfillment, or is it that we’re thinking in some way that creates a tangle in these areas, making them appear more difficult to pursue than we thought? We feel we’re pushing against a headwind of one variety or another, our thoughts immediately framed as requiring huge effort and resistance. Our attention seems to be on the ways we lack empowerment, and we may be prone to see our wounds as the thing ‘keeping us down’. Consider that it’s within our control to shift our attention and choose our approach and our thinking, so that we go from feeling like a victim of the world to seeing ourselves as a healer of it (Chiron semi-sq Pallas, Merc sq Zeus, Sun sq Juno)

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