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We may not want to look, but that's exactly where the answers lie. Louise De Hem - 1910 - 'Pandora's Box' {{PD}}

We may not want to look, but that’s exactly where the answers lie. Louise De Hem – 1910 – ‘Pandora’s Box’ {{PD}}

The dream is real–it’s right there in front of us–but bringing that successfully into our lives will require a few things: we’ve got to keep an out sized, even overwhelming, sense of our values and priorities, and we’ve got to honor the mate, as well as the needs of everyone in our sphere when it comes to the home front. Respect for those life areas, ahead of our own desires, is imperative at this point. Too, our minds are crowded by those matters we’d like to ignore, or that enrage us, but the reality is, that may be where we find the key to dream or ideals realization: in the things we deny, hope will evaporate, or in the injustices we see, lie the answers to how the world works–and once we know that, we’ll know what we must do next (Jupiter parallel Vesta, Merc trine Black Moon Lilith, Sun conjoined Neptune)

Today’s word image is a spilled glass, that held something you didn’t want to drink. Loss isn’t always a tragedy; sometimes it’s a favor.

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