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'Sunrise' Julius Exter Early 20th century {{PD}}

‘Sunrise’ Julius Exter Early 20th century {{PD}}

We are moved, maybe even inspired, to act on our desires or ambitions today; the problem may be that what we want is materially attainable, but contrary to our empowerment, and possibly damaging to our status. At that point the question becomes, ‘How clearly am I thinking?’ Indications are that thoughts, ideas, and communications must be modified in order to remain on the current Path; if we go with our impulse, we change the future (Mars nov Zeus, Venus sq Juno and sxt Saturn, Merc qnx NN)

Today’s Word Image is a black kitten crossing the road. There’s that old saying about a black cat crossing one’s path being a harbinger of bad luck; in this case, we have not a cat but a kitten, a very young cat. The implication may be that there’s something quite ‘new’ or fresh that may not seem like a problem now, but that will grow into some very bad luck, should it be allowed to proliferate unchecked or untamed while still remaining directly on your path.