The Advice is in the title. Winslow Homer - 'The Fog Warning' 1885 {{PD}}

The Advice is in the title. Winslow Homer – ‘The Fog Warning’ 1885 {{PD}}

Somehow, what we honor in life today can only remain sacred as long as we ignore or deny something about its actual state. For some reason we feel it’s important to maintain our illusion that whatever we revere is perfect–and yet that denies its true nature, and denies our own instincts, which are fighting a losing perceptual battle within the mind. Though it’s impossible to get a grasp on our ‘deeper knowing’ at this point, it is possible to observe where we may be off the mark by taking a good look at our ambitions and desires; what we want will speak of where we think we’re headed, and who we really are, and allow us to know, by reflection in the mirror of ideals, what we need to modify to remain (or become) the person we want to be (Vesta contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith, Merc sq Sedna, Sun contra-parallel Sedna and parallel Zeus)

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Roman mosaic from in house VIII.2.16 in Pompeii {{PD}}

Roman mosaic from in house VIII.2.16 in Pompeii {{PD}}

Today’s Word Image is a fish, literally out of water. We all understand that saying; where are you trying to fit in, but are too far removed from the familiar and the vital? You may need to consider that either you must adapt (that is, immerse yourself in what amounts to a whole new environment, and learn to ‘swim’), or whether this (figuratively speaking) breathing air thing isn’t for you.

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