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Peter Henry Emerson - 'Gathering Waterlilies' Platinum print from 1886 {{PD}}

Peter Henry Emerson – ‘Gathering Waterlilies’ Platinum print from 1886 {{PD}}

With Mars entering Sagittarius today and Merc entering Pisces (and paralleling Ceres), we’ll see things, especially individual efforts and communications, take on an outward-facing, communally conscious tone, with each of us becoming much more aware of the unseen and what’s ‘out there’, beyond what we know, just waiting for us to learn about it–but it’s also an atmosphere wherein our first inclination will likely be to try to find our own place within that larger picture, rather than charging out toward the horizon or thinking more about the Collective than ourselves–and finding that place may not be easy. We’ll be too keenly aware of what’s not working in both the social environment and in real-world, material terms; and our own empowerment will not be available through the usual means of exercising wisdom and practicality, or by following our highest values as a guideline.

So what’s a seeker to do? In all areas, but particularly in finances, investments, and relationships, we’ll need to face what we’ve been ignoring, denying, or what has enraged us–and it’s just possible that it’s our own behavior that needs examining (and here’s where I remind some of us that relationships are not investments! with putting in guaranteeing you can withdraw–that is, demand–in kind–they are free interactions, with each individual giving freely, and accepting that the other person owes them nothing–otherwise it’s a business transaction). That’s not all, though; there’s a second step, consisting of a willingness to modify our life direction, if what we reveal in our examination shows that something about our forward motion must change. Putting our energy into these two areas, study of what we have neglected (or neglected to address), along with the humility to admit our life direction needs a little tinkering, will set us on the only truly productive course–all else will be, more or less, spinning our wheels (Juno sq Pallas and contra-parallel Vesta, Venus trine Black Moon Lilith and qnx the NN, Sun sq Saturn and contra-parallel Jupiter)

Croquis_numérique_d'un_des_chats_du_refuge_de_Brissac,_sur_un_fond_dégradéToday’s word image is a bed unmade, with two cats curled in the center like the Pisces symbol. If you’ve got Pisces placements, or in the matters of the House in the natal chart with Pisces on the cusp, this may imply that your ‘bed’ in this area is still ‘not made’, referencing that saying, ‘You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.’ The suggestion is there’s still time to form your Piscean energies to your liking, and to do so consciously, with deliberate intent. Or, maybe this just means you need to shoo your cats out of there, and make the bed 🙂

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