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Self-awareness, and at least some introspection are called for today. Axel Törneman 'Bretagnare I' Photo by Posse Stryngford CC BY 3.0

Self-awareness, and at least some introspection are called for today. Axel Törneman ‘Bretagnare I’
Photo by Posse Stryngford CC BY 3.0

Today, when our Self-expression is most unique, original, and individually our own, then we’ll find we’re closely aligned with our own highest values and priorities. It’s a time ripe for Vestal discovery, that is, learning how vital and far-ranging are our feelings about what’s important to us–and this in turn feeds unique expression, which we can achieve at present, possibly more completely than ever before. The clarity available to us right now is striking, and can illuminate the depths and intensity of thought that propels our most serious efforts. That can lead to dissonance within the social circle, in the awareness that certain things we accepted as ‘facts’ aren’t, and potentially may alter the nature or purpose of our ambitions and goals. It’s a day when a great deal may be revealed and understood, by and about us–attention on and to your own Beingness is key (Uranus parallel Vesta and qnx Jupiter, Merc semi-sq Pluto and sesq Zeus, Sun sxt Pluto)

Of note is the ongoing sticky Cardinal T-square with Uranus opp Zeus, both squared by Pluto, which is likely putting many of us into a tizzy concerning our ambitions, opportunities, and our individual expression, all of which seem threatened. The quincunx of Jupiter to T-component Uranus tells us the tension this creates will probably leak out in social situations, or in inappropriate attempts to reach out or expand, or in the need to recognize ‘uncomfortable’ facts, or in succumbing to schemes that promise something that can’t (or won’t) be delivered. Just be aware of the dynamic, and know that anything in the desire or goal department that’s removed right now is eliminated for the better.

Today’s word image is a key broken off in a lock. What have your own possibly hasty or insistent actions essentially put out of your reach?

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