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William Strang - 'The Temptation' 1899 {{PD}}

William Strang – ‘The Temptation’ 1899 {{PD}}

That’s really the heart of it: that our social sphere, the group, or some larger ‘authority’, ‘father’, or ‘god’ will ask us to be or do something that is the antithesis of our essence and our beliefs, and we may be tempted to comply, only to keep the peace. This entity may or may not intend to force us toward something we don’t want, but whether there is malintent or not, the effect is the same: we are being urged to negate, even betray, ourselves. It’s very clear from the aspects perfecting today, as well as the longer-term contacts still in effect, that we must respond to this by centering ourselves within our own values, ambitions, goals, strengths, and refuse to act anywhere but in those regions of life where we are empowered, powerful, and can rightfully exercise our prerogatives. Staying true to ourselves may cause a little (or a lot!) of friction, but it will certainly save our sanity and our Souls (Zeus qnx Ceres and trine Pallas, Jupiter contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith, sesq Vesta, qnx Pallas, and opp Ceres, Venus semi-sq Pluto, Merc trine Juno and contra-parallel Vesta)

Today’s word image is a chihuahua barking frantically at a large boxer from the safetyKomarek-pk016523 behind a closed sliding glass door. Is there something you are vociferously attacking, all the while knowing it can’t harm you–or is someone barking like that at you? Ask yourself if the world needs that noise, and if you’re the target, if you do–and then proceed accordingly.

Photo by Paul Komarek Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

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