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George Frederic Watts 1886 {{PD}}

George Frederic Watts 1886 {{PD}}

Today is a difficult day–why? Because what we want is definitely out-of-step with what we treasure–so much so that our thinking will conflict directly with reality, so determined are we to change things, to gain power, to gain control, to reach our goals. We are so desire-focused that we will deny instinct and everything we know deep within to be true–and that allows our own ‘blind spot’ issues to flourish, making us prone to all those flaws in logic that we aren’t aware we have but that others point to immediately. To top it off, some of us see man-woman problems, or animus-anima problems, or clashes between any fundamentally varied facets of our lives, and we may conclude the only way to handle this is by instinct, because our thinking is just too aligned with our desires to prove objective or reasonable in dealing with the matter–but that’s not exactly true.

The best course is probably acquiescence to the obvious and mutually-agreed upon (and it’s that second part, the agreement with others, that keeps us out of trouble), accompanied by a willingness to acknowledge that our ambitions and goals may need to be altered in some significant way, but that we’re not prepared to see what that might be just yet–and for current issues, to stay true to our highest values, protecting the current state of home and the mate relationship ahead of other, more momentary distractions (Mars semi-sq Zeus, Mercury parallel Zeus, contra-parallel Sedna, square Saturn, sxt Pluto, Venus square Mars, sxt Vesta, sesq Zeus, Sun sxt Sedna)

Today’s word image is high wind that knocks out electric power. Symbolic ‘high winds’ could be equated with bombast, or they could represent a powerful flow of emotion that takes a more mental form for expression–so words or thoughts fueled by feeling that have the effect of ‘knocking out’ our energy or our forward momentum. This comes from an imbalance of our receptivity in relation to the outward ‘push’ of our expression; when we are too receptive we may find the blowhards and emotional whirling dervishes of our world exhausting. See to your boundaries, and no energy loss occurs.

Have a wonderful start to your week!