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The Third Eye by Irina Belova, 2009,  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

The Third Eye by Irina Belova, 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

The mentality today is very active, taking the viewpoint of the individual, and eschewing the social stance, or rather, rejecting the one that flows from the social circle and tries to take each of us with it. The reality is we are feeling strong, ‘together’, and ready to tackle those things we’ve been ignoring or in denial about; that leaves us no patience for the social agenda, which in one form or another requires us to be critical of some unique other or group of which we are not a part. Though for the most part we will refuse social demands, we may also find ourselves ‘playing small’ or hiding our uniqueness, in an attempt to avoid drawing the criticism of others. We may find ourselves in the middle of a delicate balancing act, one that asks us to modify our approach to goal and ambition fulfillment, just so we don’t find others imposing any social roadblocks as penalties for our boldness or our Self-focus. Success today depends on three things: believing in ourselves, realizing that our perceptions are seated not in a common agreed-upon reality but in our minds, and knowing when to keep quiet (Venus semi-sq Uranus, Mercury parallel Black Moon Lilith, conjoined Ceres, opposed and contra-parallel Jupiter, contra-parallel Uranus, and qnx Zeus)

78a5810667db2911af6db12a9e6253a8Today’s word image is a Full Moon, pink from reflected city lights. Turns out this is actually a thing. In April, when this Moon occurs, we see it culminate in early Scorpio, closely quincunx Ceres, which implies a sort of housecleaning or rejuvenation that alters our personal power situation, and/ or our relationship with authorities or Nature herself–and the word image just puts us on notice: the change is already starting, right now.