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'Heroic Strokes of the Bow' Paul Klee Collection of MoMA {{PD}}

‘Heroic Strokes of the Bow’ Paul Klee Collection of MoMA {{PD}}

There are rewards to being unique, to letting our originality, our quirks, and our viewpoint and abilities show, and we receive these rewards in ways and from venues we don’t necessarily expect–while those areas we look toward expectantly, anticipating a payoff, remain frustratingly quiet. We need to see current benefits are coming from new associations just being woven–and we’re behind the times, still looking to past areas of fulfillment, not realizing their era is gone. We are entering a new period when Self-confidence based on Self-reliance draws by far the most rewarding and fulfilling circumstances. It’s in displaying this essential life energy itself, the energy of being and doing, that we pull from the ether what we want, and what we need (Uranus contra-parallel Zeus, Venus nov Uranus, Merc parallel SN, the Sun enters Aries and is sesq Zeus and nov Pallas)

'Portrait of a violin' Jan van der Vaart {{PD}}

‘Portrait of a violin’ Jan van der Vaart {{PD}}

Today’s image is an old favorite song, the words of which you finally really hear for the first time. Are you surprised, shocked, or disappointed? Do you suddenly dislike a song you’ve always thought you loved, now that you know its true meaning? Or does it now seem like there are two songs, the one in your head, and the one that everyone else hears? Clarity of the information we receive is often something we assume, rather than actually know in practice; today we need to exercise care in listening not for something new, but for something we’ve heard a thousand times before, and to watch for the shift that hearing something clearly is bound to bring.