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Auguste Rodin 'Illusion' 1911 {{PD}}

Auguste Rodin ‘Illusion’ 1911 {{PD}}

Venus meeting Neptune brings the potential for a love relationship to be fully engulfed by illusion–but of course there are many other potentials, all of which are fleeting: this aspect stays in effect through only the 18th-21st, perfecting on the 20th–maybe we’ll admit there’s a little build-up, a potential sensing of the congregation of two of the most hopeful energies in the galaxy, that makes it perceptible on the 17th–but really, these are two ships of possibility that pass on the deep Piscean ocean–and may or may not really see each other, spotting instead an illusion, a projection, or a dream in place of a true Neptunian form (and what would that be? Something created and materialized in solid form–for the moment–of something the fluidity of which is a given within its nature–or essentially intangible but still felt, still real, like emotion or intuition. Like water, Neptune is there and yet so easily lost, seen through, or changed into something else.)

What we need to note for the 20th, though, is the way this Venus that is melding with Neptune is also contra-parallel Vesta. That suggests our interpretations of the way Venus-Neptune will show itself must include the idea that the expression of the Venusian portion will in some way be out-of-harmony with one’s highest values, or with the sacred conditions surrounding the home or the mate. So, our Venus-Neptune experience is likely to be a manifestation of a Love or Money fantasy that violates our true priorities–I think we might label this ‘Temptation’. Or, what is likely is a misunderstanding, misinterpretation, misperception, lie, or illusion that makes us think a Love or Money situation is what it is not, in violation of those things to which we are currently dedicated. This could apply to what is now, making us misunderstand what we have, or to some mirage ‘out there’, that deceives even as it promises better than what we have at the moment. In all Love or Money arenas through the 21st, proceed with care–what we see is definitely not what we get.

John Constable - 'Study of a Cloudy Sky' {{PD}}

John Constable – ‘Study of a Cloudy Sky’ {{PD}}

The word image for the 20th is a cloudy sky that threatens rain but does not bring it. Are we letting it be known in some area of our life that we just might unleash a downpour, and yet we don’t–and what would the purpose of that threat be? Or are we in the presence of someone who threatens sadness, mayhem, emotional overflow, or an energy torrent, probably in order to get others to do what they want–and how do we feel about them and their tactics? Promising something and not delivering it is manipulative, and dishonest, in the sense that we are pretending in order to avoid stating our real needs. Don’t be a cloudy sky, and don’t allow cloudy skies to change your objectives, or your point-of-view.

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