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Vincent van Gogh "The Night Café", 1888 {{PD}}

Vincent van Gogh “The Night Café”, 1888 {{PD}}

Smarts and desires are neatly divided today, with little chance of combining the two. A few hints as to how best to proceed include: amazingly, what you see recommended in the social sphere may be the smartest thing at this time; thoughts misperceive goals and the shape of ambitions, and don’t even recognize talents or what assets are needed; and though we’re focused on the future, and optimistic because of it, we may fail to carry over lessons learned from the past–which means we may be prone to repeat old mistakes. Again, take it easy, and if you do choose to go forward, let the facts and what you know, not what you think, guide you (Pallas contra-parallel Zeus, Jupiter parallel Pallas, Merc qnx Juno and contra-p Venus, Sun parallel NN)


Edouard Manet: White Primroses, 1864

Today’s word image is a white flower on a table, like this.

Remember, the daily word image can act as a symbol, a synchronous marker, an inspiration, or a reminder of what needs attention.