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Women Watching Stars by Chou Ota, 1936 {{PD}} uploaded by Daderot via Wikimedia Commons

Women Watching Stars by Chou Ota, 1936 {{PD}} uploaded by Daderot via Wikimedia Commons

The subjects involved with Love or Money take us back, but it’s the individual outlook that determines whether we learn from the past and use that knowledge, enter a reverie and spin our wheels, or in remembering the past decide we need to recreate it. Which of these three options we choose may depend on how reverent we still are toward old relationships or financial arrangements; if we tend to frame either in a sentimental light, we’re likely to become mired in memories, or to believe that re-creation is our best option. Only those processing reality clearly (and our ability to do so is excellent, should we want to see things as they truly are) can move forward today, and these individuals have the added benefits of trustworthy instincts and are able to sort what’s useful on the social scene from everything else–the rest of us may spend the day in a haze of nostalgia or in trying to mold today so it looks like yesterday (Venus conjoined the SN, Merc trine Saturn, nov Sedna, qnx Jup)

Today’s word image is a stranger who hands you a button that says, ‘The Stars Were Right’ (True story; it happened to me this weekend). What immediately comes into your head? That’s either the thing that has helped you avoid a lot of missteps, or the thing that you believe about yourself, positive or negative, that you need to see isn’t true unless you make it so.

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