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'Ustny Schet' Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky {{PD}}

‘Ustny Schet’ Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky {{PD}}

We address influences today most effectively through asking ourselves a series of questions; not everyone will need to contemplate every one of these, but most of us will need to consider more than one, in order to address issues.

  1. What do I care about from the past, so much that I want to bring it into the future?
  2. In what ways do I instinctively express power? Consciously extrapolate on the potentials here, and then go after what you want using those instinctive expressions to their fullest. You’ll be successful, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be happy with the results (that is, with what you actually achieve, including with your reputation). Gaining complete empowerment right now, in whatever form, will have its drawbacks.
  3. In what ways are my thoughts/ thought processes short-circuiting taking effective action or making clear choices? OR, Why am I so messed up around the issue of violence? OR, Why do I become so angry when I see others take action without guilt?
  4. What is cutting me off from my creativity at this time?
'Maschera e bicicletta' 1969 - by Nunzio Sciavarrello Photo By Sciandre - CC BY-SA 3.0

‘Maschera e bicicletta’ 1969 – by Nunzio Sciavarrello Photo By Sciandre – CC BY-SA 3.0

Today’s word image is a thief in the night. ‘In the night’ describes not just a nocturnal taking of assets, but one that generally will go unanswered; a thief who acts under cover of darkness is unseen and then gone, and we are typically unable to redress the wrong, either by re-claiming our assets or by being able to punish the taker. How to address not just the material loss, but the disrespect shown us by another human Being? Let it go. That’s right–don’t think about it. Let the Universe do its balancing thing, and know that, though you might not witness it, the culprit gets exactly what they deserve, in the end.

Here’s a good, concise bit of advice from Numerologist Christine DeLorey

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