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'Harvest' Zinaida Serebryakova 1914 {{PD}}

‘Harvest’ Zinaida Serebryakova 1914 {{PD}}

We may find ourselves working alongside others, each with completely different goals, but somehow complementary in our actions, so that there is a kind of harmonious interlocking of purposes and aims. Others’ moves buoy ours, and we help them, without really taking any independent actions in support; it seems that in pursuing our own goals we aid others’ pursuit of theirs–at the most we may help by agreeing to something or doing something that costs us nothing, but makes a difference for them, and they may do the same for us.

It seems as if the world is one big coordinated mechanism and each of us a cog within it. Authorities aid us and we find we have just the right sliver of power to aid them; our uniqueness finds a smart form of expression, and this benefits more than just ourselves; relationships and financial positives offer personal empowerment and the ability to right a wrong or two (though beware of tackling anything you’re personally angry about–our magic touch deserts us under such conditions); and we find creative and harmonious ways to think about and speak for both ourselves and the group, with instincts vetting and supporting successful and unique Self-expression. Sounds like a pretty good day, doesn’t it? (Ceres sxt Sedna, Uranus parallel Pallas, conjoined and parallel Merc, both nov Neptune and Mercury parallel Sedna, Venus parallel Juno and qnx BML)

Photo by Julie Demboski All Rights Reserved

Photo by Julie Demboski All Rights Reserved

Today’s word image is a stubborn, deep-rooted, self-perpetuating daisy that grows so vigorously it smothers other plants. Sometimes despite something’s utility or easy beauty or aggressively ‘helpful’ stance we must rid ourselves of it; we must be the guardians of balance in the figurative garden of our minds, our lives.