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Heinrich Vogeler 'Frühling' 1913 {{PD}}

Heinrich Vogeler ‘Frühling’ 1913 {{PD}}

We want to get it right, and our featured energy aspect easily combines what’s wise with what we are ignoring, are enraged by, or must attend to. That means we can see the wisdom in finally turning to and dealing with those matters we’ve been ignoring, which we’ve avoided usually out of a feeling that if we do address them, they could run away with our energy and demand from us until we are overwhelmed. That rarely happens; instead we use a portion of the spirit to suppress issues and then wonder why we are feeling as if we can’t address our lives fully or completely. It’s the drain of what we are avoiding, not the drain of what’s actually asked of us, that we become confused by.

Today we attempt concrete enhancements, and get a reality check centered on power, gaining control, and gaining influence within our own lives. We are too prone to reference the past, too prone to ignore what needs attention–and that’s exactly where we can push the flow in the direction we’d like to go. In facing what we are angry about, what we are reluctant to see or deal with, what we are ashamed of (courtesy of the energy assistance we receive from Pallas trine BML), we will re-claim all the power we hand over when we allow something negative to consume a part of our spirit, when we must use our own energy to suppress awareness of our demon. If we are clear on what we want, willing to look into dark corners and deal with negatives, determined to think for ourselves and to bring from past into present only those elements that truly worked, we can have a significant impact on our surroundings, and on the reality picture itself (Sun square Pluto and opp Zeus=T-sq, and contra-parallel Zeus and BML, Merc sesq Saturn and nov SN, Venus contra-parallel Chiron, Mars parallel Saturn, Pallas trine BML)

Pisanello, 15th century {{PD}}

Pisanello, 15th century {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a small boy walking a dog in the pouring rain. Sometimes there are things that must be done no matter how unpleasant or inconvenient; the trick is to acknowledge that there’s a need greater than your want of comfort, and then to just do what must be done–no dwelling on personal discomfort!