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Eva Gonzalès - 'An actress with a mask' {{PD}}

Eva Gonzalès – ‘An actress with a mask’ {{PD}}

The New Moon in Aries is conjoined Uranus–does that mean what begins at this time is a spark, a surprise, an explosion, a riot, chaos of the highest order? Perhaps, though it could also be a new start, a modern approach, or a radical solution, and could portend group involvement or, conversely, suddenly having to ‘go it alone’. Look for the effect in the matters of the House of the natal chart where the NM falls–and then look to see if it fills in a pattern with your natal energies.

New Moon in Aries April 2016

The NM square to Pluto says that placements at 16-20 of Cancer or Libra draw you into a tense NM situation where the arm of the figure (the part not involved in an opposition) provides the answer to resolving the tension, particularly through the matters of the House this body rules (if any). If one has a natal square at those degrees of Cancer and Libra, the New Moon and transiting Pluto fill in a Cardinal Grand Cross, and likely present you with a crisis in action–one that either rises from the New Moon beginning (or is itself the New Moon beginning), or one that takes the usual way of dealing with the square, then destroys and transforms it into a new way to use the natal energies (and since Pluto has been nearby a while, the destructive process could’ve occurred some time ago, with the solution only now arriving).

Natal placements at 14-20 of Leo receive membership in a New Moon Grand Trine utilizing transiting Saturn. Here a NM event brings balance, stability, or materializes concretely the energy of the contacted natal body; peace may be found, a restlessness removed, or something intangible finally finds expression through the material, and there’s the potential for ending a destructive or power-oriented ambition or desire.

The New Moon-Uranus is also opposed Zeus. On the one hand this can bring ambitions and their fulfillment or lack thereof into that difficult T-square or Grand Cross described above; it can also show as a rejection of previous ambitions or desires, as a new personal (Aries) viewpoint emerges.

This is a New Moon, and that means any or all of these effects could be temporary, a stop gap or destined to evolve over time; especially for those with no contact to natal bodies, who experience it in ‘purest’ form, the New Moon may bring a surprising energy, a sudden burst of Willpower or the need to assert the ‘I Am’ in matters of the House where it falls, making a statement about Self-assertion and identity, ‘out loud’ if above the horizon, a whisper to the Self if below. Other influences for the 7th are the availability of healing messages (Mercury nov Chiron) and a sense of ‘being lucky’, seeing opportunities right away, and confidently asking the Universe for ‘more’ (Sun parallel Jupiter).

Vasnetsov_samoletThe Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘The “Magic Carpet” Of Oriental Imagery’. A flying carpet has always been about transport, a physical mechanism that takes us on a journey that shows us the world from a new perspective. That’s one of the more practical functions of imagination, so we might expect to see Neptune in the New Moon equation–but only if we look very carefully will we find it.

The New Moon falls equidistant from Sedna and Neptune, at their midpoint but outside the normal Ptolemaic measurements, and even outside the minor connectors. The aspect is both relative and relational, a connection that would normally go unnoticed, and maybe that’s the point: the New Moon brings a new perspective, one that stirs the creative and that draws on knowledge related to the primitive and the instinctual carried deep within consciousness (Sedna); we may believe the influence shaping the new viewpoint is entirely Self-conscious (Aries), but what occurs may be more subtle, and more hidden, than we know. This new viewpoint may be born from larger events (those created by contacts to the natal picture) or may arrive by refuting or defining particular desires or ambitions, by changing the current landscape through material expression, or may bring something significant (and possibly destructive) to a halt, with the discovery of this new way of being who we are, this new ‘I Am’.

I love the take on the New Moon at Robin’s Window

The word image for the New Moon is a glamorous, heavily beaded dress that loses a bead now and then as it’s worn. We might be very upset at the idea that what is essentially a work of Art isn’t remaining intact, but if we realize it’s a kind of ‘living Art’ in that the damage comes through normal wear, we might accept this as the evolution of the piece, its expression coming at the cost of perfection–and understand that the scars and losses and changes that come from living carry a perfection and beauty of their own.

See some examples of beaded gowns here–