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Eilif Peterssen - Moonrise over the dunes 1882 {{PD}}

Eilif Peterssen – Moonrise over the dunes 1882 {{PD}}

The ability to spot opportunity meets the urge to adjust the reality picture to more closely align with the highest values, and we end up with a day that holds enormous positive potential IF 1) we refuse to indulge in rebellious behavior, 2) we consider that feedback may offer a view of our own behavior we need in order to succeed, and 3) we find reasonable balance between what the social order requires and what we personally want. We think big; we may also be prone to exaggerate our ability to handle every situation. Be clear on just where you are empowered, and where you might need help, or should abdicate to others, before proceeding (Ceres enters Aries and contra-parallels Sedna, Uranus, and Jupiter, Saturn qnx Vesta, Merc trine Jup)

Today’s word image is a face at a darkened window, illuminated for just a split second by lightning. Who or what has been revealed to us, and in what way have we pretended that knowledge just ‘disappeared’? This is about owning and putting into practice what we have seen, though it’s not about accusations, pointing fingers, or otherwise exposing someone else; it’s instead about acknowledging our observations and intuitions and conducting ourselves accordingly.