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How much do we want to accommodate others, how much do we want to perform alone? Edgar Degas - 'A Group of Dancers' 1890 {{PD}}

How much do we want to accommodate others, how much do we want to perform alone? Edgar Degas – ‘A Group of Dancers’ 1890 {{PD}}

It’s not quite an Us v. Them mentality, and neither is the viewpoint so separate that we don’t see our likenesses; instead it’s more a state of jockeying for position within and relative to the group, even as we assess the importance of each component–that is, we measure how much attention should go to us, how much to the rest of the world, the partner, and everyone in between.

It’s time to examine how much we have ordered our life according to our wants, versus setting things up according to someone else’s. Everyone, to some extent, must accommodate others, but what we need to assess right now is how much we have allowed our decisions (because we are responsible for where we are, it’s not anyone else’s fault) to be influenced, or even dictated, by others. Have you put off moving forward in order to keep someone’s good opinion, even to keep their love? (hint, if so, they don’t actually love you)

Have you scrapped plans or an ideal in order to fit into someone else’s life, or into their plans, or to live their ideals? There’s no ‘right amount’ of life modification for others, past which our accommodation is too much; neither is it ‘better’ (more virtuous, honest, or fulfilling) to refuse to accommodate others and their needs and wants. In the end, if we choose to put others first, we do have to acknowledge that this is a choice, one that ideally felt absolutely right when we made it. The only question now is, how much must be re-ordered in our lives so that we are at our ultimate point of best satisfaction, a position that finds just the right balance between our needs, and those parts of the world we want to bring along with us.

Be prepared: facts might change our view of ourselves and our own potential for originality or unique expression; too, what we want and what we choose may adjust our current outlook or identity, and we need to be braced for the change. And one more caveat: in this instance, instinct is not necessarily our friend, for the simple reason that we likely followed it to where we are in the first place–and today is about reassessing, and if need be, shaking it up (Jup parallel Uranus, Venus qnx and contra-parallel Juno and semi-sq Sedna, Sun sesq Mars)

Nils_Schillmark_-_Still_Life_with_a_Punch_Bowl_-_Google_Art_ProjectToday’s word image is a translucent bowl. What would you have filled it with in the past, what will you fill it with now, and what does that say about who you have become?

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