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'Girl in a Pink Dress, Reading, With a Dog' Charles Joshua Chaplin {{PD}}

‘Girl in a Pink Dress, Reading, With a Dog’ Charles Joshua Chaplin {{PD}}

On Saturday, sheer strength and our innate creativity help us excavate and deal with injustices, those matters that enrage, or which have been too long ignored or denied; we have the energy to tackle them, and the inspiration to know what to do about them–and we realize that lacking an idea of what to do may have been what kept us from dealing more directly with these matters all along. In order to gain, we must adjust our belief system so that it reflects our highest values–somewhere along the way we may have gotten the mind off track, thinking in a direction that contradicts what we truly venerate and admire, and as a result we may end up modifying our ambitions and goals, too–because if we see how our thinking doesn’t honor our values, it only follows that we must change our aims to match the corrected approach (Black Moon Lilith parallel Ceres and sesq Neptune, Venus qnx Jup, Merc conjoined Vesta and qnx Zeus)

Franz Karl Basler-Kopp {{PD}}

Franz Karl Basler-Kopp {{PD}}

The word image for the day is: a spider sits in her web; caught on the strands are two white petals from a flowering tree, that flutter like flags of surrender in the breeze. What person or thing that has intimidated or even frightened you is now sending out signals that they want a truce? It’s worth re-assessing what’s scared you in the past; a more objective light might show they are as averse to conflict with you as you were to them.

Holbein {{PD}}

Holbein {{PD}}

Sunday our thoughts and words are our bond, and must be held as sacred, if we are to create the change we truly desire. This will make a shift in our goals, and what we want suddenly is informed as much by instinct as by the mind–which means what we put our attention on is probably a smart place for it to be (Merc-Vesta conjoined, both trine Pluto and qnx Zeus, Venus nov Sedna, Sun sxt Pallas)

'A Cup of Tea' Lilian Westcott Hale 1909 {{PD}}

‘A Cup of Tea’ Lilian Westcott Hale 1909 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a delicate tea cup, filled with your favorite drink. Claim a portion of the day for yourself; if you don’t you won’t enjoy a moment of peace.


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