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'Lake McArthur, Yoho Park' - James MacDonald 1924 {{PD}}

‘Lake McArthur, Yoho Park’ – James MacDonald 1924 {{PD}}

We’re mostly consumed with adjusting to the turnaround of Mars and Pluto, but there are two other influences today, a trine of Venus to Saturn, and a sesquiquadrate of the Sun to Jupiter. Each of these suggest some sort of brakes on bounty, a holding back or reality check on more or better–and this judgmental viewpoint may leak into relationships, especially if we are inclined to place responsibility for containment on externals (that is, if we are prone to do whatever we want, expecting the world or others to exercise discipline for us). We can wind up with some severe limits placed on our money or love; or, we can adopt those restrictive energies ourselves, and create an atmosphere that says ‘No’ preemptively to what could and should be a very good (though consuming) thing.

But, we may also have the grace to see the ways in which we can benefit by showing restraint, especially in relationships or with money, and our attention can be directed to what’s overdone, exaggerated, or what’s prevalent socially–and we can then make our own choices as to how to handle it. It’s a good day, but especially so if we’re willing to exercise optimism, give attention to detail as well as the big picture, and give both conscience and consciousness a workout.

Gyula Aggházy {{PD}}

Gyula Aggházy {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a cool breeze coming off the water. Let it soothe and heal you. You don’t have to be right on top of or in something before you can appreciate its benefits–look around for that cool breeze in your world, today.