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'White Doves at the Blue Mosque' by Peretz Partensky from San Francisco, USA  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

‘White Doves at the Blue Mosque’ by
Peretz Partensky from San Francisco, USA Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

Aspects Friday the 22nd look like a tribute to musical artist Prince, who died early on the 21st in his Minnesota studio at the age of 57 (and we may note, the 21st was also the date of death of one of the founders of the band Negativland, Richard Lyons, who was also 57; and, Prince’s protege and collaborator Vanity, died 15 February this year, also aged 57–I’m starting to wonder if 57 is the new 27 in the music world, the age when we lost Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, Cobain, Winehouse, et al). Venus (beauty, Art) conjoins Uranus (the original, the unusual, style) and both novile Neptune (the creative, music), framing the way forward (Venus-Uranus quincunx the North Node), putting our attention on our wounds and clever ways to heal them (Sun novile Chiron).

This combination hands us an awareness of the need for the creative, for Art, for Beauty, for the unique, the original, strange, and fantastical, as we move forward; we see there is no future without an intensely inventive spirit, without a love of both beauty and others (the relationship function of Venus), and both the desire to create (which really drives all life) and the desire to express that creativity in terms that are very particularly our own (Uranus). To me that sounds exactly like Prince’s life mission, one that in the eyes of many he fulfilled exceptionally well.

If we look at Prince’s chart (7 June 1958 6:19 PM Minneapolis MN USA) we see both the natal strains that were lifelong (for instance, a Whole Sign 8th House Gemini Sun, the position emphasizing the individual commitment to others, as well as the inevitable toll that commitment can take, and a 29 degree Pluto conjoined the Midheaven and ruling the 1st of the Self, suggesting serious strain through the career and public image to the personality and so too to the body itself).

Data via Astrodatabank

Data via Astrodatabank

When we look at the transits for the 21st, we note the transiting Sun just past contact to the natal South Node (bringing the individual attention to the past, perhaps to that point of what we are before birth–so, returning to one’s origins), and the way the current Sun-Earth axis is aligned his natal 1st House Neptune to the degree (conjoined by Earth, opposed by the Sun). According to The Atlantic, in a 1985 interview Prince stated, “There’s not a person around who can stay awake as long as I can. Music is what keeps me awake,” which is an interesting statement coming from one whose North Node and Neptune were fused in the 1st, a symbol of the creative, forward-looking consciousness he lived.

Transiting Saturn was just beginning to move off (in retrograde) Prince’s natal 2nd House Earth, and with the symbol of both time and ‘The End’ opposing his Sun, he was probably experiencing excessive debilitation; the weakness and exhaustion we feel when the transiting Sun-Earth is flipped from our natal one was likely mimicked and exaggerated a thousand times by Saturn’s contact to the material (Earth) and ‘draining’ of the opposing Sun.

Transiting Jupiter, showing his credentials as the harbinger of life’s longest journey, had already squared Prince’s Sun twice and is scheduled to square it again; once more, the sense is one of strain, and t Jupiter is opposed t Neptune, placing Prince’s natal Sun and Vesta as the arm of a T-square. What’s most vital to him (the Sun) and sacred to him (Vesta) is being strained and pressured by a temporary situation that pits the creative, music, against the social order, the need to reach out and share the creation. It’s no secret Prince fought long battles with record companies, a situation that lasted for years and made for the most frustrating environment imaginable for an artist.

And, the transiting Moon hours before Prince’s death passed over his 12th House Jupiter, possibly triggering that longest journey, in one form leaving the Collective but joining it in another.

Wybrand de Geest {{PD}}

Wybrand de Geest {{PD}}

The word image is a bright yellow canary, sitting on one’s hand, that flutters out through an open window. The music’s not lost, it just went somewhere else.

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