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Yoshitoshi Ogiku {{PD}}

Yoshitoshi Ogiku {{PD}}

What reigns today? A kind of confusion, where we deny ourselves empowerment due to our embrace of our own wounds, where we harm others (unconsciously, inadvertently) in our attempts to gain dominion over our own lives, where relationships seem haunted by anger, darkness, denial, and the array of tiny unspoken injustices accumulated over time, where resources carry a taint or a need to ignore what’s wrong in order to accept them, where things ignored bubble up, endangering Love or Money.

Don’t panic–these are whispers, shadows, a haint, the sense of something hanging in the air. Nothing directly harms or challenges, unless the behavior is driven by reaction to these nebulous, often troubling, influences. They are the disquieting bits that leak into interaction and choice as the filmiest of feelings. So what can we count on, what can we do about it?

We can, through the senses and through interaction, through knowing what we value and what’s dear, center on the core instincts, the place within where we just know what is right, or what is wrong, in any situation. It’s there for the knowing; we only need trust our sixth sense, our ancestral knowledge coded in the DNA, our internal ‘place’ that connects us to every other Being in the Universe. A vast and vague prescription, to be filled through use of instincts, through touch with the primal Beingness (Chiron contra-parallel Juno, Venus contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith and parallel Sedna)

On a different note, I received a question from a lovely long-time client last night, asking, essentially, if she was a psychopath. In case you haven’t guessed, she’s not, and I joked to her that the question I usually get along those lines is, ‘Is (my husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, sibling, boss) a psychopath?’ She said that was going to be her next question! But then I started to think about it; the implication was that an interaction with someone with whom she’s close had perhaps made her wonder about her level of compassion, even her sanity–and it wouldn’t be the first time that a partner or spouse has called their significant other ‘crazy’ in one form or another. No, what it made me think was that this person had created such doubt in my client, even outright accused her of psychopathy, and that this is often the ‘go to’ accusation for those who no longer control the relationship. Generations of men and women have faced such charges when they stand up for themselves to someone who wishes to control them; and for women in particular, the accusation of insanity is often one that follows a woman’s decision not to feel or think as the other commands. As females we are raised to show kindness, compassion, caring, and to not show them has been labeled dysfunctional; we are broken if we do not put others’ feelings and comfort and goals ahead of our own. To that I say, absolutely not. We are fine the way we are. And there is nothing wrong with walking away when someone wants you to make their well-being more important than your own.

Giovanni Segantini c1897 {{PD}}

Giovanni Segantini c1897 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a small pine tree, moved from a tiny pot to a more suitable one, that quickly bursts out in fresh, new growth. What matter needs a more conducive environment in order to renew itself, to grow–and why have you not placed it there yet?

For any book orders received at Dog & Sunflower Press, we’ll gladly include one jpg of a natal chart–just include birth name (can be just a first name if you like), date of birth (PLEASE write out the month as a word, don’t use a number!), place of birth (name, not co-ordinates), time of birth (local time is fine). Put this info in the instructions to merchant/comment section on the order form at PayPal, or send it directly to me through the form on the Services page, and the chart will be delivered with your book or books. Please note: If you send the date as numbers only, we will not create a chart.

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