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Mary Cassatt  'Lilacs in a Window' 1880 {{PD}}

Mary Cassatt ‘Lilacs in a Window’ 1880 {{PD}}

Let’s just call this a very good day, with chances to expand our world, opportunities to express our most unique characteristics, and new and original ways to gain. There are only two sticky spots: the potential for our own egos to wreak havoc in finances or relationships, and aesthetic difficulties (largely surrounding our ability to perceive beauty or worth) in creative endeavors; we are, just temporarily, ‘taste blind’. As always, go with your strengths (likely best enjoyed in matters of the Houses in the natal chart ruled by Jupiter and Uranus), and consider leaving the idea of making your Will felt in relationships or money matters, as well as expressing through aesthetic choices, for another time. (Jupiter parallel Uranus, and Venus parallel both of them, Venus sesq Mars and contra-parallel Neptune)

Today’s word image is a branch of lilac in full bloom, lying in the street gutter. Is there something wonderful, at its natural peak, in complete ‘flower’, that we’re not treating as well as we should? This could even be something about ourselves that we are disdainful of, that if we would just ‘pick it up’ (have respect for it, in some sense) could be quite beautiful.