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Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida 1908 {{PD}}

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida 1908 {{PD}}

It starts on the 27th as a low-grade hum, a vibrational dissonance that rattles our instincts and makes that sensation of suddenly dropping through space, just around our hearts; we revise and revise again our choices and actions, while at the same time finding the most odd things inspire us. It’s like that moment at the beach when the water recedes around your feet, drawing sand through your toes and underfoot in such a way that you think, ‘If this goes on just a little longer, it could pull me out, too.’ Try not to become disoriented as everything seems to move around you–and hang on to those ideas that come, they may be some of your most original (Black Moon Lilith contra-parallel Sedna, Uranus nov Neptune, Venus opp BML, Sun qnx Mars)

Mercury begins apparent retrograde motion at 10:20 AM Pacific time on the 28th, with first contact a trine from the Moon in Capricorn, quickly followed by a re-joining with Vesta, with both bodies in Taurus. Our minds may be so leaden, so concerned with the material, the senses, that effort at this point may be like punching our way out of a paper bag–hard to tell if we are as weak (or maybe that’s ineffective) as we feel, or whether that paper bag is much tougher than it appears. It may be this: every dark or hidden thing within us, every thing ignored or denied, every injustice we’ve witnessed and failed to address, is draining us, and Mercury turning around simply removes the mental safety net we’ve had in place; it takes away both our usual facility and the safeguards we are used to, exposing feeling incoherent in its amorphousness. We’ve used the mind to tamp this emotion or these facts down for so long they hold no shape when finally revealed.

Boris Artzybasheff {{PD}}

Boris Artzybasheff {{PD}}

Our mentality isn’t the only place we’ve been burying things; we see what’s been living under the stairs at this time, and we see the worth (or worthlessness) of our social connections. It’s as if we’ve used the power of our creativity and imaginative ability against ourselves, making us weak as kittens until we acknowledge (at the very least) all that we are avoiding. Until then we see a barrier between us and others, the quirk up of the flow of money and other assets, the social scene becomes awkward, and until we face things, this orientation makes us pick at our own wounds, though for the most part they’re not really a factor in current events. Face whatever you’ve been avoiding (convinced that it’s dark, but how do you know? You haven’t looked) and things get much, much easier–it’s that simple, and that hard, all at once (Saturn parallel Pluto, Venus sesq Jupiter, Sun semi-sq Chiron)

Flickr: I have a burning hot love letter 4 U :) Author: Nina Matthews C C Attribution 2.0 Generic

Flickr: I have a burning hot love letter 4 U 🙂
Author: Nina Matthews C C Attribution 2.0 Generic

The word image for the 27th is: you cut open three fresh hot peppers, and feel your skin burn even though there’s no visible open wound. We don’t always know how close we are to being affected by something–those are the times we’re surprised by the sting. Pay attention–that pain is there to show you what to address, and where you’re truly vulnerable.

'Two monkeys smoking a pipe' Coryn Boel 17th century {{PD}}

‘Two monkeys smoking a pipe’ Coryn Boel 17th century {{PD}}

The word image for the 28th is: two monkeys share a snack in a shady tree. We all need someone to share and relax with, don’t we? If you don’t have your own favorite companion, someone you trust and feel good around, then why not?

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