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William Merritt Chase 'Hall At Shinnecock' 1893 {{PD}}

William Merritt Chase ‘Hall At Shinnecock’ 1893 {{PD}}

What we’ve got going for us today are an enormous appreciation of the material world, of the senses and those things that comfort, gratify, and reassure (Venus enters Taurus), and we find both wisdom and practicality in seeing to our own and others’ ‘animal’ needs, and satisfaction in artisanal pursuits and products (Venus parallel Pallas). There is a kind of admiration for the physical world and the beauty of it that makes all of us connoisseurs–and that may have the effect of loosening the purse strings. ‘Smart’ and ‘beautiful’ seem to go together–and that can be an alluring, even irresistible, combination, so proceed with some awareness of your susceptibility, as the tendency may be to see one and assume the other. That may be minimized, though, by the focus on what we honor, what we dedicate ourselves to, on the home and the mate (Sun parallel Vesta).

Difficulties are all (thanks for your assistance, Merc retro!) due to our own misunderstanding of either the reality picture, or what actually needs to change (Mercury contra-parallel both Saturn and Pluto). What we think may be darker or more stringent than necessary, we may believe only permanent, extreme change will do, and we could temporarily stray entirely from our usual thinking and modes of communication. It’s not the time to let others know what we think, nor to address important issues, but it’s a great time to reform bad tendencies in thought processing and in getting our message across–we may find that a greater awareness of the wide world is needed, and that what we saw as powerful, effective, or efficient communication and thinking was something much less (Merc contra-parallel Saturn and Pluto)

Paul Mercuri from "Costumes Historiques" (Paris, ca.1850′s or 60’s) {{PD}}

Paul Mercuri from “Costumes Historiques” (Paris, ca.1850′s or 60’s) {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a bow and arrow. What are we to make of the Archer’s equipment? Saturn and Mars are both currently in Sagittarius, and both retrograde, suggesting frustration in efforts and accomplishments–and certainly, if we have natal placements in Sag, we are likely to feel a deficit that needs healing (through action, of course!) related to the nature of the body found there. For everyone, it may be a reality check in the sense of both what truly is, and the ways at least at present we are prevented from, or slowed at, doing anything about it.

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