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Jean-François Millet - 'Spring' c1868 {{PD}}

Jean-François Millet – ‘Spring’ c1868 {{PD}}

Friday the 6th as the day begins on the West coast we are in approach to the conjunction of Sun and Moon in Taurus–and that sense of anticipation may overshadow a couple of other aspects perfecting at this time. The reality picture may be startling in its ability to empower us–who’d ah thunk, right?! Here the facts of what is (Saturn in Sagittarius) accommodate, support, and perhaps give focus to matters where we can get down to the Truth, and thereby gain influence, situational strength, and/ or the emotional fortitude to dig deep and address those aforementioned facts. We can get a clear view of our ambition and desire picture at this time, and can see just where it needs modification and revision–and we can also see the ambition agenda of others, and so gain better understanding of them, if we care to look (Saturn nov Juno, Sun qnx Zeus)

The New Moon occurs at 12:30 PM Pacific time at 16 Taurus 41. A New Moon is a seed moment, a beginning, and in Taurus this might be quite literal: a moment of conception related to the House of the natal chart in which it falls. In the 3rd, we may get an idea, in the 12th we may view something come to consciousness, in the 5th or 8th, we may get a baby–so check where it falls for you, for maximum safety! Of course, new beginnings can take in a lot of territory; and we must look at the conception in light of not just the initial placement of the event, but also according to what aspects it makes, and the implications of the Sabian for the degree where it falls. Taurus is naturally fecund, but the form that fertility takes is very specific to the individual and where this event falls in the natal chart.

On the larger scene, the New Moon forms apex to a Finger of God with base of Zeus-Saturn, suggesting that what begins at this point in time is the direct product of our ambitions and desires in the material world. Aha! Again with the suggestion that what we’ve aimed for, lusted for, even, in our physical reality is what drives the New Moon manifestation. Well, this is getting interesting.

New Moon in Taurus May 2016

If we stretch our standards a bit, we see the way the New Moon trines the midpoint of transiting Jupiter and the current North Node, signalling that the event somehow relates to our place on the social scene, and that it will affect life direction–so it takes on an added, serious tone–and if we treat this point (made up of Jupiter and the NN) as meaningful, we can use it to fill in an Earth Grand Trine with the NM and Pluto, suggesting that what the New Moon brings is a kind of destruction, transformation, or re-birth to our social role and the direction we’re headed in life that makes for a new beginning–but what does that beginning look like?

'Judith' Vincenzo Catena c1625 {{PD}}

‘Judith’ Vincenzo Catena c1625 {{PD}}

The Sabian for the event is, ‘A Symbolical Battle Between “Swords” And “Torches”‘ Strength, the ability to force, punitive energy, symbolic judgment, physical means of deciding, ‘killing’, or severing, wrestle with enlightened energies, ones that light the way or offer a wider view, that illuminate, that can perhaps burn, and so destroy with their insight–but that have the disadvantage of carrying no ‘doing’ energy, which is really what this contest is about: whether we will take an active role, or a hopeful, enlightened, but possibly materially ineffective one. In this instance, we may face the seductive energy of knowing, versus the call to do, with either choice applying to our identity. The question may become, ‘Do you want to be right, ‘in the know’, but not a player? Or do you want to shape things, make the choices, but not be privy to the bigger picture, the right or wrong, until after the fact?’ Not an easy question to answer, as each side has its advantages, and its problems.

'Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose', 1885-86 John Singer Sargent {{PD}}

‘Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose’, 1885-86 John Singer Sargent {{PD}}

Today’s word image is Solar lanterns winking on across a garden as dusk falls. The Sun, at just the right distance from our planet, makes all life possible, and we can feel its presence even at night, in the breeze through the trees, the emerging nocturnal animals, the reflected light bounced to us by the Moon. At a New Moon we are without that nighttime light, and the world can seem a pretty dark and forbidding place, until the light of the Moon ‘returns’.

Maybe this image is about realizing that everything has its cycles, its seasons, and that if we’re in a ‘dark’ one now, all we really have to do is wait–and there’s the suggestion of unseen forces, such as the warmed earth that helps push that breeze, or the way the nocturnal animals hid from the sun’s glare all day, that suggest something vital and ‘warm’ moving behind the scenes, exerting an influence, moving things along.

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