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Saturday there is an aura of contrary feeling floating around just about everything; we want to alter what we’ve just concluded is wise, destroy what’s practical, flip the social order and point to its underbelly of injustices and hidden-in-plain-sight secrets, and we find dealing with either Love or Money somehow hurtful, as current events scrape at old scar tissue. The worst part may be that we are well aware we may not be acting in our own best interests. Help! How do we handle this? A couple of quotes from Buddha may help: “Ardently do today what must be done. Who knows? Tomorrow, death comes.” Here the instruction is hidden within an admonition to know oneself; how else but through Self-knowledge will we be able to discern “what must be done”? That removes the arbitrary, the impulsive, and the fickle, leaving us only with necessity and the imperative.

Something else must be considered, though: “The world is afflicted by death and decay. But the wise do not grieve, having realized the nature of the world.” A great part of dealing successfully with today’s influences is seated in knowing, recognizing, and actually embracing the impermanence of things. We are much less confused, angered, avaricious, or frightened when we keep this idea at the center of all perceptions. Thanks, Gautama Buddha! Your advice makes today much easier (Pluto semi-sq Pallas, Jupiter contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith, Venus semi-sq Chiron, Sun trine Pluto)

Dragonfly (etching for Le Fleuve by Charles Cros) Édouard Manet 1873 {{PD}}

Dragonfly (etching for Le Fleuve by Charles Cros) Édouard Manet 1873 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a dragonfly. Watch for their presence signalling synchronicities, a moment of knowledge or hyper-alertness that offers insights to current realities, and a spark of inspiration, that just hovers in, and may speed away, if we don’t take notes.

Sunday the 8th the mind, ideas, mental perceptions are all in harmony with our life direction–but just what does that mean when Mercury is retrograde and our mental faculties are less than sharp? If we don’t think, but instead take a receptive approach, allowing thoughts and ideas to spring fully formed into the mind (brought there on currents of feeling or intuition), then we may make some remarkably good plans, have some productive ideas, and communicate with precision and true understanding, and all of it will shape the direction we’re headed. Just remember, the keyword there is, ‘may’ (Merc trine NN)

Released by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art www.lacma.org {{PD}}

Released by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art http://www.lacma.org {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a blue handbag. A purse (and we’re including man-purses, here!) is something within which we carry what we think we may need, out in the world. Sometimes in trying to be prepared for the unforseen we pack in far more than we need, and we can later regret the weight of it all. Too, we can have a tendency to put things in repeatedly while never bothering to look and see what’s already in there, to clean things out. The color blue implies we might keep sad things there, close to us, or that we carry things to soothe ourselves and others. Today consider what it is that you carry with you each time you go out in public; ask yourself why, assess whether what you find is truly needed, be willing to look in the dark depths and unused corners, and thereby lighten your load

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