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Othea's Epistle (Queen's Manuscript) Artist Unknown {{PD}}

Othea’s Epistle (Queen’s Manuscript) Artist Unknown {{PD}}

Jupiter goes direct today, the 9th, just after 5 AM Pacific time, at 13 Virgo 15, with first contact (from other than the Moon) being Venus catching up to trine the behemoth before it can apply its influence by square to Saturn. So, the scenario over the next three or four days may be one of matters of the House where Jupiter transits being ‘done to’ by Venusian forces of Love or Money–that is, with ease (the trine) affecting the state of expansion and knowledge related to the natal House Jupiter is now moving through–and this creating a difficult circumstance, tension, or problem within the reality picture (Saturn). Just be ready–for successful use of these energies adopt a willingness to deal with real-world assets, circumstances, and obstacles–this will likely make the situation work out well, as the potential is there for betterment, either materially or of the current reality picture.

Venus sextiles Neptune, playing into the sudden availability of supporting belief, the urge and opportunity to expand, or the necessary knowledge (all Jupiterian) and giving us the inspiration and resources with which to make a dream pay, or align a relationship with our ideal. We can become distracted by fantasy, convincing ourselves it will profit us, or we can be creative in a way that makes Art, or fashions more loving relationships or more favorable financial circumstances.

Inferior Conjunction, with Sun and Merc parallel and both nov Ceres and trine NN, is as we all know, a seed point, with Ceres’ involvement signaling the full force of Nature is behind it–and coming so closely on the heels of the Taurus New Moon suggests that this is the ‘planting point’ for what was born there. Gestation is key now, so don’t expect the Jupiter direction or Venus-Neptune to necessarily be part of this; what starts today is likely ‘underground’, in some sense, or unseen, and so we may need to proceed with the confidence that the ‘right’ thing is already underway. This not knowing is alluded to nicely in the immortal words of the Mamas and Papas: “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day/ Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way/ Oh Monday mornin’ you gave me no warnin’ of what was to be/ Oh Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me”. So expect, at least a little, to be surprised by what is presented, whether it’s revealed now or in the near future–and have a great day!

You might enjoy this just for the groovy fashions, though I am fond of the song:

Thank you for a wonderful (and nearly overwhelming!) response to the half-price offer. If you’re reading this and it’s still Sunday, the offer is on through midnight Pacific–see the previous post for details. I’ll probably run a similar offer again in the near future, in case you were interested but missed it, and am considering adding these low cost options as permanent services.

Oh, the faces in these old portraits of children. 'A Baby, said to be Lady Waugh' by William Larkin {{PD}}

Oh, the faces in these old portraits of children. ‘A Baby, said to be Lady Waugh’ by William Larkin {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a baby. Any baby at all, including animal babies. Yes, Universe, we get that something new is starting. Consider the nature of the particular baby you encounter, envision, or see somehow, and what that might tell you about the venture so shortly to begin.