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Fritz Petzholdt - 'Étude de roches' c1830 {{PD}}

Fritz Petzholdt – ‘Étude de roches’ c1830 {{PD}}

Today the ground beneath our feet seems uneven in any matter that we care about, in relating and finances, heart and wallet, what we treasure, what we value (perfecting: Venus qnx Saturn). Uncertainty is the underpinning for our interactions and our expenditures; we’ll fail in locating a sense that we know what just happened, how much was spent or earned, how others (and we) really feel. For many of us, the unease will stay below consciousness, troubling us and making things awkward, but never addressed–and really, what would we say or do? It’s a bad time to try to nail things down, and we know it (Merc retro)–we sense the destruction that can result from too much discussion, even too much thought (Merc trine Pluto)–and so we turn away from thinking too much about what might be wrong.

The star of today’s show, and the engine driving pretty much everything else, is likely a Finger of God with base of South Node/ Mercury, apex Zeus. This takes our retro memories of the past (retro as in: we remember things we’ve long thought forgotten, or we revise our view on what was), and connects the dots between those memories and what we want and aim for now. Take this as a chance to understand yourself better, and to modify goals so that they suit you more as you are in this moment. A revelation of this nature can be startling, upsetting, or cause a revolution within the psyche–appreciate that this is so, and receive what you learn without reservation or condemnation, most especially of yourself.

By Cui Bai  latter half of the 11th century {{PD}}

By Cui Bai latter half of the 11th century {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a single black rabbit among white ones. I can’t say if the word image revived the memory, or the memory is the origin of the word image: when I was a small child we kept rabbits; we also had a sweet German shepherd named Baron. One year we had all white rabbits born, with the exception of one jet black one. There was a storm, the rabbit cages blew over, and the rabbits escaped. Baron didn’t bother any of the white rabbits, but he chased and killed the black one. What is it about differences that bothers us so, at an animal level, where we will attack something just because it’s not what we expect, not what we’re used to? Stop yourself from making a too hasty, too aggressive judgment about something new or different in your world–look for the likenesses to what you already know, instead.