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Edgar Degas 1874 {{PD}}

Edgar Degas 1874 {{PD}}

Sometimes on the journey we become so Self-involved that we forget others are on their own journey, an experience that is just as real for them as ours is for us. When we are concentrating on what is wise, what is the smart move, working on developing our skills and making an impact that affects the material world, that is practical, we may begin to see others as mere actors in our play, rather than as playwrights of their own, with a viewpoint that may be far different from ours. As physical incarnations we are focused on amassing and controlling power–and this is so whether we see it as so or not, because power is really just another way of talking about the life force–and so our every effort is in the name of fortifying and making effective our expression of life force–and so is everyone else’s. Just a reminder found in the astrology for today, when smart thinking, in spite of Merc retro, is accessible for us all (Ceres semi-sq Sedna, Mercury parallel Vesta and trine Pluto)

'At the Theater' 1879 Mary Cassatt {{PD}}

‘At the Theater’ 1879
Mary Cassatt {{PD}}

Today’s word image is anyone wearing yellow. See them as messengers, synchronicity markers, symbols, warnings, guides, and maybe snappy dressers. And have a great Thursday!