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'Hatsuhana doing penance under the Tonosawa waterfall' Utagawa Kuniyoshi c1841 {{PD}}

‘Hatsuhana doing penance under the Tonosawa waterfall’ Utagawa Kuniyoshi c1841 {{PD}}

Today, gaining power (in whatever form you’re seeking it) and making your influence felt are 1) grounded in reasoning focused on what we know to be wise and of value, that respects relationships and the flow of assets, and that is willing to adjust ambitions and ‘the target’ to accommodate genuine need, and 2) requires conscious acceptance of what is Universally true: change is constant in two forms, evolution and decay, and it’s our ability to embrace and work with these that fuels our own growth. We must adopt altruism that honors the individual even as it benefits the Collective, openness to the six senses, the sensory flow, and a willingness to modify ambitions to fit our current level of empowerment–all will contribute to some immediate and rewarding successes. That means opposites, such as erraticism, thoughtless behavior, blocking flow, wasting assets, or failing to regard others as essentially worthy, will all act to drain you in some way. Today we are the only obstacle to our success (Pallas trine Juno, Merc conjoined and parallel Venus, both qnx Zeus and trine Pluto)

Coin of Abdissares (210 BC), Armenian King of Sophene Photo by Rs4815 - CC BY-SA 4.0

Coin of Abdissares (210 BC), Armenian King of Sophene Photo by Rs4815 – CC BY-SA 4.0

Today’s word image is an ancient coin. Old truths and long-held assets both need our attention today. If you’re unsure what might qualify, look to who and what has been in your life from early times, and honor what they still give you, today.