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Nuclear Reactor depicted on a September 1957 Japanese stamp. Irony is too subtle a word for this. {{PD}}

Nuclear Reactor depicted on a September 1957 Japanese stamp. Irony is too subtle a word for this. {{PD}}

Since there are no new aspects perfecting for the 18th, I thought it might be time to consider the upcoming Full Moon. For once I think we’ll be served best to look at it early, with time to consider what kind of choices we might like to (or have to) make. But before we do, the word image for the 18th: A nuclear reactor shuts down on its own, to the surprise of the attending technicians. Considering we’re in approach to the Full Moon, this may describe a situation where, before we reach FM circumstances, we will temporarily ‘shut down’ the issue or energy outflow, in an attempt to ‘cool off’ what will end up being the subject of FM tensions. Anything you feel overwhelmed by or find suddenly ‘cut off’ likely signals what will end up being hashed out at the Full Moon, and in the days after.

The Full Moon for May falls at 1 Sagittarius 13 at 2:14 PM PDT on the 21st, closely conjoined Mars in retrograde; the effect then is that the Full Moon perfects and in its aftermath Earth, Mars, and Moon draw ever-closer to one another, suggesting a period of a few days over which the Full Moon effects may unfurl, where we may learn something, or expand our horizons (both Sagittarius), and so fulfill the FM promise.

With generous orbs we also see the Full Moon opposes Venus and Vesta, and since anything opposing a Full Moon is automatically conjoined the Sun, this tells us that what occurs during and following the FM is most likely rooted in matters of relationship, either those involving home and mate, or those involving what we love and dedicate our life energy to, with potential for involvement of assets in the relationship/ dedication mix–and as everyone knows, there can be quite a clash over where one may put one’s effort and attention, as a limited number of hours in a day forces choices: do we choose our causes or our relationships? Do we choose what pays with Love or Money? Even those of us who find a balance will continually be adjusting for the ebb and flow of energy and need. This FM and the period that directly follows may challenge us to decide what we’re going to do (Mars) about that balance. Be prepared, as the voice of the ego (Mars) will be at least as strong in the equation, and maybe more so, as what we love and are dedicated to (Venus, Vesta).

We’re stretching our orbs when we count Pallas as square the Full Moon, but as this creates a T-square with the oppositions, it pays to note what it’s telling us: that what’s smart and/ or practical may conflict with the way we’re seeing and weighing options–we may be allowing the ego too much say. We can also count the FM as the midpoint of a close Zeus-Pluto square, which implies developments will deal with tensions surrounding change to the ambition and desire picture. And, minor aspects, semi-squares from Black Moon Lilith and Juno (which are conjoined in Scorpio) to the FM suggest what occurs is propelled more than a little by issues of anger, denial, or empowerment that have been hidden, and now come clear.

'Among the Waves' Ivan Aivazovsky 1897 {{PD}}

‘Among the Waves’ Ivan Aivazovsky 1897 {{PD}}

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is, ‘White-capped Waves Display The Power Of Wind Over Sea’. We have an interplay of elements here, emotion (Water) and intellect (Air), and perhaps need to keep in mind that neither should prevail; in the image we see their interaction, the way the intellect can buffet the emotions. It’s a reconciliation we want, one that accommodates, as much as possible, both emotional and achievement-oriented needs.

For a Full Moon we also look to the Sabian for the Sun, in order to know something of the origins of the current Lunar situation: ‘Santa Claus Furtively Filling Stockings Hanging In Front Of a Fireplace’ This suggests that Full Moon events, no matter how they make us face things we’d rather not, or that we feel force choices that reveal a little more Self-interest than we’re comfortable showing to others, actually deliver a gift, one that gives us a venue for energy expression (the fireplace) that is much truer to ourselves.

Full Moon in Sagittarius May 2016