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George William Joy - 'The Bayswater Omnibus' c1900 {{PD}}

George William Joy – ‘The Bayswater Omnibus’ c1900 {{PD}}

Feeling and so being contrary, sometimes for no reason at all, may be the order of the day. Ours are renegade spirits today, breathing and digging deeply, tasting and experiencing intensely, following instinct and impulse, and doing so with what we love and need in mind, rather than what the reality picture dictates. Enjoy this exercise in an unusual type of freedom–and be aware, there will of course be consequences to choosing ourselves over what the world expects of us (Ceres nov Sedna, Mars in retrograde enters Scorpio, Venus contra-parallel Saturn, Sun contra-parallel Mars)

Today’s word image is a dog confused by the simultaneous calls of two would-be masters. What two goals, aims, ideas, or temptations are calling to you at the same time? The pull between them can be draining, exacerbated by an unwillingness to make up your mind. You may think that delaying will magically offer a way to do justice to both–it won’t. You can’t serve them simultaneously, so you must choose–or choose the Zen way out, and do neither.

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