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Johannes Vermeer - 'The Procuress' 1655 {{PD}}

Johannes Vermeer – ‘The Procuress’ 1655 {{PD}}

We are all likely to experience conflict between our belief system, or ‘the facts’, and reality as we know it. We’ll have to answer the old query meant to discern attitude: ‘Is the glass half empty, or half full?’* For some this will involve tests of the Will or ego against Nature, authorities, or against the constraints of duty, while for others it will involve a simple measurement taken by asking only one question, “Is this wise?” Outcomes may vary from opening up one’s world to overdoing rules in an attempt to lock down opportunities, trying to solidify a stroke of luck, restraining optimism, giving parameters to what might otherwise be overdone, or possibly may result in trying to learn more, in the hope of preventing chaos. This may sound formidable, until we consider a list of what may go right: spontaneity serves relationships or financial situations, being unique makes Art or attracts reward or Love, being a member of the group pays, and so does a willingness to foment revolt in support of Beauty or Love (Jupiter sq Saturn, Mars sesq Ceres, Venus nov Uranus, Sun sq Pallas)

*Everyone knows the correct answer is neither; first, yay! we have a glass, and there’s something in it–then consider the glass can be re-filled at any time, so that any statement of condition is momentary, at best. Or, if you are a literalist, as George Carlin would say, “I just see a glass twice as big as it needs to be.”

Today’s word image is a bright yellow duck. When you read those words did you see a live duck, a sign or image or cartoon, a rubber ducky, a stylized pattern, an action (“Duck!”), or a living thing? What came to mind holds clues on its own (seeing it as alive is quite different than immediately thinking of a printed image or cartoon, for instance), but in any case stands as both synchronous marker and personal image meant to reveal something about your own state of mind.

Thank you, and enjoy your Thursday!