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Djerba Er Riadh Street Art, Photo by Rani777- Baha-Eddine     CC BY-SA 4.0

Djerba Er Riadh Street Art, Photo by Rani777- Baha-Eddine CC BY-SA 4.0 See more from the Artist here: http://streetarthub.com/alexis-diaz-erriadh-tunisia/

The ongoing T/ Cross, in effect right now, is covered here. Today, the 2nd, the emphasis within the pattern shifts so that our focus is on a perfection of the square between Venus and Neptune, and perfection of the opposition between the Sun and Saturn; that brings our attention to two areas: the cost of our dreams (literally, figuratively, and in particular, the cost of both dreams and delusions to our relationships), and the difficulties we find living our Soul’s purpose within our current reality picture. Those sound like big, highfalutin’, exhausting topics, too cumbersome to wrestle successfully into something meaningful to the every day–but in that, we would be mistaken.

Both are easily found if we simply take each side of the equation, ‘holding’ one life area in each symbolic ‘hand’, and taking a look at them; we’ll automatically feel the weight of each, observe where we have neglected, overlooked, indulged, dismissed, or lavished loving attention on, and in so doing see the shape of our own viewpoint toward the subjects at hand. If we inspect both components, it will be impossible not to see and understand what the conflicts truly are, and from where they have arisen–and that gives us what will feel like an oh-so-obvious response to the tension we face.

One’s ability to both inspect these life areas and then address them is highly dependent on one’s tolerance for Truth, the ability to stomach all facets of the reality picture (not just the ones we find flattering or which we enliven ourselves through by railing against), and a willingness to do something about what we find, rather than just turn away. Clues to this are generally found in the state of natal Pluto, and current transiting Pluto’s contacts to the natal placements; those receiving contact, especially to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, placements in Earth, or chart ruler are likely to have the courage to see and deal with what must be changed, altered, accomplished, while those who are receiving contact from transiting Pluto to natal Neptune, ruler of the Moon, or Venus may find it overwhelming, with a need to turn away feeling like the only means of preserving existing relationships, sanity, or both.

Venus in Gemini brings in the phrase, how we think of: a particular relationship, all relationships, Love, Money, reward, praise beauty, Art (clues as to the meaning for you are found in transiting Venus’ current natal House), with Neptune in Pisces saying, state of the Art for dreams, visions, imagination, creativity, delusion, illusion, deceptions, expression of spirituality, ideals, relationship to the Collective or the Cosmos.

Pavel Filonov. 'Self Portrait'. 1921 {{PD}}

Pavel Filonov. ‘Self Portrait’. 1921 {{PD}}

Sun in Gemini says, thinking about identity, with Saturn in Sagittarius pointing to the broad reality picture as it exists through facts, belief, current structures and rules, boundaries, suppression or oppression, obstacles, and manifestations of the passage of time–and how some or all of these figure in to how we see ourselves.

Today’s word image is a salad. No matter the time of year, a salad is really a celebration of the season, bringing together components offered by Nature only during, in most places, a narrow window of time. Enjoy something ‘of the season’ today, whether it’s an actual salad or something else available only at a certain time of year, wherever you are.

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