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'Hoodoos and aurora in Drumheller, Alberta' Photo by Keith E. Doucet CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

‘Hoodoos and aurora in Drumheller, Alberta’ Photo by Keith E. Doucet CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

First, a little review of the T/ Cross that has enlivened everything of late: “There’s an ongoing T-square with Sun-Venus opposed Earth-Saturn, all square Neptune, that by 3 June transforms into a Grand Cross with the inclusion of Jupiter. The tension here, though it starts benignly enough (with hope, charity, and an eye to freedom), becomes immense; we may go from the possibility of realizing our dreams to an optimism that is close to bursting–and yet the material situation repeatedly challenges us, as what the reality picture calls for is in some way contrary to our need for Love, Reward, or both. Through roughly the 6th we’ll see various parts of the equation come to prominence; one day it may be the way an important relationship (Venus) conflicts with what must be done (Saturn-Earth), the next day it may be that opportunity (Jupiter) can’t be grasped without loss of current income or flow (Venus), and the next may see the same or another opportunity that requires we give up our dream (Neptune, with the severity of all the demands and conditions put on us shown by the hard aspects and the involvement of Earth and Saturn–they say, material matters get a starring role in all this, especially the factors that make up our current real-world picture).

Imagination is pummeled by the facts; belief is put to the test, either through the challenge of manifesting creatively, or in facing delusions; the social circle stomps on dreams, even as, or perhaps as a condition of, the individual being loved; the need to support the identity creates expenses where payment may be intangible, extracted through a need to suppress beliefs, to pull back on material matters, or to ‘put up or shut up’ in the creative realm; relationships or financial factors may require we trim or abandon the current dream, or may ask us to change our beliefs to match reality; we may have to face that dreams are too big, unable to be manifested adequately in the material world, or we may put the brakes on material demands in order to pursue the creative and the Soul-expressive–and no matter what, we find that tension, discord, or stress, internally or externally applied, drives the movement of the Cross. It’s a period, represented by this configuration, that’s unusually potent in the way it can illuminate potentials and actualities, showing us both how to work with them, and how to bring about just what we desire, with major revelation expected with the New Moon. For a scant few, this may end up translating as an insistence on embracing the unreal, the illusion, as the belief system and/ or the identity break down in the face of the facts.”

At this point the Grand Cross has formed, with the aspect Venus opposed Saturn perfecting the 3rd. This brings our attention sharply to material reflections of our relationships and our finances; we are asked to assess our ideas of Love and Money (Venus in Gemini) against both our beliefs, and the actual facts of our material situation (Saturn in Sagittarius). This is not a judgment or a condemnation, but a moment in time that allows us to see precisely where we have gotten what we believed we would–and it requires us to see that we ourselves may have imposed the limits that our relationships and our finances have labored under, because they followed our beliefs, whether those beliefs were conscious or not. An opposition also signifies an extreme point; that is, the point at which things must begin moving back toward connection. We must recognize things as they are, and so choose in ways that bring our real-world manifestations within the relationship and/ or financial arenas into closer harmony with what we consciously treasure (Venus) and want (the Sun in the Cross).

The 3rd also sees perfection of Ceres quincunx the North Node. Though the Nodes are only points of extremity, rather than celestial bodies, they can be excellent harbingers of the direction things are currently headed–and that means, in this case, that both Mother Nature and those in charge/ authorities will be, subtly but surely, telegraphing their intentions for the future (or, in the case of Nature, the inevitable outcomes to present practices). If we will look, we will know exactly how matters in the hands of authorities and the natural world will develop.

'Cherokee Roses on a Purple Cloth' Martin Johnson Heade 1894 {{PD}}

‘Cherokee Roses on a Purple Cloth’ Martin Johnson Heade 1894 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a thick, deep purple, wool blanket. The color suggests something elevated, ‘special’, unusual (royal), but the item itself is entirely dependent on circumstances for its value, and so its meaning. If it’s hot, that’s the last thing you need, but if it’s cold, there’s nothing better–unless you’re allergic to wool! Something in your life may be presented as special and unique, and you may feel obligated to avail yourself of it, whether you need or want it, or not. Don’t succumb to the idea that just because something’s different it’s valuable–to make the best use of what’s offered to us, we have to know our needs, our wants, and the circumstances that surround us, before we’ll ever know if our ‘wool blanket’ is a gift or a burden.