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'Bartholomew's Vision' 1889 Mikhail Nesterow {{PD}}

‘Bartholomew’s Vision’ 1889 Mikhail Nesterow {{PD}}

We’ve got a ‘new’ Grand Cross, as Vesta moves in to take the place of the now departed pair of Sun and Venus. This brings in values, our highest values, in fact, and those matters and individuals to whom we dedicate our life energy; these matters speak to the stress generated by the T-square of Neptune, Jupiter, and Saturn. As we know, such major energies in play can have very different manifestations within individual lives, but we know that matters of the Houses ruled by these bodies may factor in or present the stage upon which our values are tested. Or, we may see a more general expression, as application of creativity or avoidance (through delusion) in the real world meets assessment by the social sphere; that is, we may see how much support our social milieu offers to the individual expression of creativity in material surroundings and concrete terms. Our possession or grasp of ‘the facts’ may be challenged by the reality picture, or we may discover the obstacles on our path to getting the word out, or to achieving educational or expansion goals.

The Vision and its translation into the three-dimensional world is vetted. We are able to see clearly how our energy dedication has affected our ability to bring dreams to reality. We’re offered a clear look at what we have wrought, and how well (or not) that serves our spiritual Vision, our creative need (because just being alive is energy that naturally generates creative expression of one kind or another), and those matters we declare sacred, and wish to honor through our efforts in this imperfect world. We can shape our forward momentum in any way we choose; recognizing our power and respecting our instincts is vital, though taking definitive action on what we realize might better wait until the 12th or after, when we are not so inclined to act contrary to our own better instincts or motives (that is, we may resent what we discover on first hearing/ realizing; a few days grace period will help us accept what we find) (Perfecting today: Pluto trine NN, Venus sxt Ceres, Mercury conjoins Sedna and opp Mars)

Here, everyone is a mouse. 日本語: 鼠草子絵巻 'The Mouse Story' Muromachi to Momoyama period (16th century)

Here, everyone is a mouse. 日本語: 鼠草子絵巻 ‘The Mouse Story’ Muromachi to Momoyama period (16th century)

Today’s word image is a mouse. If we’re thinking literally, the symbol may hint at some way we’re ‘infested’ with something pesky or damaging, something that nibbles away at our resources or our confidence. Or are we speaking of too much time on the computer (with the mouse)? Or are we in some way keeping ourselves too modest or plain (quiet as a mouse, country mouse) in comparison to what the situation calls for? Underplaying our hand can ring false to those who can handle (and who welcome) our energy; better to be true to ourselves than to shrink-to-fit a bland or unrewarding situation.