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Emil Carlsen - 'Study in Grey' 1906 {{PD}}

Emil Carlsen – ‘Study in Grey’ 1906 {{PD}}

This could be Ceres, currently in Aries, Mars' sign, brewing up said potion. John William Waterhouse - Magic Circle 1885 {{PD}}

This could be Ceres, currently in Aries, Mars’ sign, brewing up said potion. John William Waterhouse – Magic Circle 1885 {{PD}}

Mars, still on his backward course, offers us a drink from the cauldron; do we accept? From his place in Scorpio, the Warrior could be offering us a potion that makes us choose and act from emotion, and so probably not respond in our own best interests; he could also proffer a potion that urges us to dig deep (and whether that’s beneficial or not is a personal matter), and he almost certainly puts us in a position of acting and choosing in contradiction to our own instincts. We act out of our ‘blind spot’, and so in a fundamental way don’t know what we’re doing.

However, we can access enormous strength and authority (the kind that allows us to confidently command our own lives) with two positive steps: by reconciling ourselves to the social sphere in which we move (this involves accepting differences as they exist, and so refusing to condemn the social order as a whole, rather than debilitating ourselves by railing against them), and by paying careful attention to those areas where we actually hold significant power, and thereby seeing where we can successfully make the most change, or do the most good. It’s in accepting our personal capacity to affect things while still respecting the social order that we find our most effective and impactful means of empowerment (Perfecting today: Mars opp Sedna, Jupiter semi-sq Juno, Sun sxt Ceres)

'Marinha' José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior 1894 {{PD}}

‘Marinha’ José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior 1894 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a glimpse of the ocean. What does that mean to you? A tantalizing, fleeting vision of something desirable, or are you frightened of the sea? Does it mean that your attention is elsewhere, on some other part of the environment? That you’re not able to experience it close up, but are stuck in the ‘cheap seats’? That you are traveling too quickly to enjoy what surrounds you? Bodies of water typically symbolize our emotions; to ‘glimpse the ocean’ might be to be conscious of just a portion of very deep and restless feelings. Consider your response to today’s phrase, and then what it’s saying symbolically about your emotional state, and a potential sea of unacknowledged feeling.