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Waterhouse {{PD}}

Waterhouse {{PD}}

We can and will take that title in one of two ways: either we will give up on a dream, goal, ideal, or plan (that is, box it up for later, or to ‘give away’ for good), or we will box one of those up as one does when purchasing to take something home. So, we will abandon, or completely buy into as well as create a form and structure for, something we’ve long contemplated or had our sights on.

If we buy in, we likely spend now through mid-August researching, learning, reaching out, and giving form to the dream, preparing it for its reveal to the world; if we abandon it, we may do so intending to pursue it later, or with the belief that this particular dream is dead, no longer a fit for our lives. If the latter, we’ll probably see how unreasonably restrictive, harsh, or oppressive the conditions surrounding making that dream a reality–and even if we’re unsure, if that’s what we’re seeing, that’s our clue it’s best abandoned, at least for now.

Which of these attitudes we embrace rests firmly on our own assessment of our personal wisdom and strength. At this time our thoughts and mentality are true to who we are, and we desire empowerment simply because we care, and want to do something about those situations important to us. So, success rests with our own confidence in ourselves, with a feeling that our mentality has a clear grasp on issues and options, and with the sense that we can trust ourselves to make choices that follow our deepest values and ideals (Perfecting today: Ceres at the midpoint of Mercury-Pallas sq; Merc is also parallel Vesta, Saturn sq Neptune, Venus enters Cancers and trines Juno)

Today’s word image is a globe with many countries colored a bright red. If you come here often you’re probably thinking, there’s that red again! But some kind of irritating, aggressive, pugnacious, inflammatory element does seem to be in the air, doesn’t it? Let’s take this as a cue to consciously take our own assertive energies down a notch, to intentionally refuse to aggress, to instead flood the atmosphere with gentle light, with the essence of acceptance (that’s what we all really want for ourselves, isn’t it?), to offer the Universe something bright and clear to fill and overcome the anger and the dark. And to W. K., who will probably now write me a scathing note, I want him to know that his comments have been for some time routed to spam–I don’t even read them anymore, and ask that he keep his gift of venom for himself–and if you also have someone who has targeted you as the recipient of their anger, you should do the same.

Have a lovely, and peaceful, Friday.