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Paul Gauguin: Study of a Nude (Suzanne Sewing), 1880 {{PD}}

Paul Gauguin: Study of a Nude (Suzanne Sewing), 1880 {{PD}}

Aspects perfecting today ask us to assess our personal level of dedication to those things we say or believe we are committing our life energy in service of; a big part of this assessment will involve discerning whether what we say we serve is what we actually serve. It’s a matter of thinking, perceiving, and processing honestly (Vesta in Gemini). Our capacity for truthiness comes into play, and likely involves some formula using the quincunx of Vesta to Pluto (our personal bullshit detector, tuned to sniffing out anything that threatens our highest values and most important commitments) and Jupiter in Virgo, which is square one and trine the other (affording us the ability to critically examine the intersection of ‘the facts’, our beliefs, and the social sphere in which we move). Knowing how close we are to our intended mark requires being honest with ourselves, and being able to do something about what we find requires internal flexibility, the capacity to admit we were wrong or that our beliefs were distorted, without dissipating our energy in pointless anger at ourselves, rather than in taking needed action.

We may also see a clash between individuals, each of whom believes the role of leader or authority should fall to them; in the end, you (and they) may see that neither is correct in that idea. We may feel isolated in some way, and as well tempted to undermine authorities or weaken our own or others’ empowerment through thinking that springs from stressful cooperative or partnership situations; it’s our ideas about how the partnership or cooperative effort should go that cause issues. Here, perspective is key, as is the realization that most of the stress is from skewed expectations, not the situation itself. Take a step back, and think and speak with real care (Vesta T-sq Nodes, Mars qnx Ceres, Merc sesq Juno)

Today’s word image is a little dog dressed in human-style clothes. Something that’s been ‘dogging’ us (or something that we are the caretaker of or responsible for the welfare of) is being dressed up inappropriately; that is, either we’re seeing it as something it’s not, or it’s being presented to us as fundamentally other than it is. Strive to see its true nature, and you will.