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Carl Holsøe 'Mother and Child in a Dining Room Interior' {{PD}}

Carl Holsøe ‘Mother and Child in a Dining Room Interior’ {{PD}}

That cuts two ways: on the one hand we can focus on our highest values and we naturally use them as a guide, aligning our choices and actions to our priorities with ease; on the other hand, this can make us so reverent toward our own ideas and conclusions that we are unable to allow in new facts or to genuinely respect the ideas of others–and in either case this attitude spills over into matters of the Houses ruled by Mercury in the natal chart, making it either easier to act in those areas or spreading the blind spot in ways we might not expect.

This applies to communications, contracts, and other purely Mercurial factors, as well, where we’ll either take everything as gospel (and worse, take everything we think is implied as gospel, accepting whatever our own minds supply as what’s promised by the Other), or we’ll find ourselves unable to come to agreement unless others are in complete accord with our own thoughts–and how likely is that, ever? Disagreement with the social sphere is also possible, as is discord over ‘the facts’ or methods of reaching out or expansion. Though things may feel very ‘in the moment’ and transitory, they will affect the life direction–so choose and respond with care.

There’s a vivid bright spot, too, found in instinctual reactions within relationships or in financial matters. We are attuned to our own needs (Sedna in Taurus), to what gives us comfort, and so can spontaneously go toward what is beautiful, rewarding, or brings gain. This also suggests listening to our instincts may be key to creating the atmosphere we need and want; we may be able to dial down the static enough to see what really matters, and what really nourishes.

René-Antoine Houasse Before 1688 {{PD}}

René-Antoine Houasse Before 1688 {{PD}}

Minerva is in the center top of the picture, wearing blue and a nice helmet. Behind her are, left to right in the clouds, Mercury, Saturn, Juno, and I’m not sure about back right (it could be Venus), though below that you see Diana.

In searching for Art for this post, I somehow took myself to portraits of Minerva, and wondered if this was a prompt to check out the position of the asteroid. She’s currently at 22-23 Leo, trine the close conjunction of Uranus-Ceres and square Mars. This reinforces the already-discussed aspect picture, suggesting that wisdom (Minerva is very similar to and sometimes synonymous with Pallas Athena) is generally in contradiction to, and possibly exerting pressure on, our preferred actions and choices at this time, and that a need to exert our power or authority, or a need to rebel or feel revolutionary, may be the driving factors behind ignoring what we know to be smart.

I’d also like to note Hygeia opposed Chiron. I’ve begun watching Hygeia and it’s already proven illuminating. It seems, in its most general sense, to represent health, or what might be described as the healthiest state possible related to the contacted energy, with hard aspects suggesting a less-than-optimal state and soft aspects reading as supportive of a healthy energy function. With this opposition to Chiron, we see a state of optimal health in direct conflict with, or contradictory to, the healing of wounds. This might imply that any wounds we currently carry across the Pisces-Virgo axis of the natal chart (related to the signs or the matters of the Houses this spans) aren’t good for us and yet they might be serving a purpose; or, it may mean that our focus on our wounds, though we may see this as helping us to heal, may actually be keeping us from healing. Or, we may find a means of serving others through focusing on what’s most healthy for us.

Foto: Jonn Leffmann  Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

Foto: Jonn Leffmann Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

Today’s word image is a can of vegetables. Though ostensibly a ‘healthy’ thing, we now know that food loses a great deal of its vitamins and minerals, and certainly loses a great deal of what we might call its ‘life force’, when canned. This image may suggest something we have been classifying as healthy for us doesn’t really offer what it could if we took it in ‘live’, raw, or ‘fresh’. I’ll leave it to you to pinpoint what in your life this might refer to.

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