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Girl with a pomegranate, by William Bouguereau 1874 {{PD}}

‘Girl with a Pomegranate’ by William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1874 {{PD}}

Contrariness may be the order of the day, but as long as we don’t play identity politics (feeding on or reacting from stereotypes, especially ones concerning female-male dynamics) and don’t insist on picking at what’s better left alone, we’ll be fine–in fact, better than fine, if we do these things: Look at those hidden depths, ignored issues, and things that make you angry, just don’t touch; and truly honoring (through thought, word, and action) our ambitions and desires. And, refuse to live within the wound–it’s just not the place to be (Vesta trine Zeus, Chiron contra-parallel Hygeia, Venus sesq Mars, Mercury sesq Black Moon Lilith, Sun trine BML)

Today’s image is a whole pomegranate. We know this as the fruit that kept Persephone, still a mortal, in Hades for 6 months after she ate 6 seeds while visiting the Underworld; that suggests there’s something in our world, should we willingly ‘partake of the fruit’, that will bind us in our own Hell, obligating us to spend time in a presumably less-than-comfortable environment or forcing our awareness of something that to us is tortuous. We are told that Persephone ate because she was hungry, so, presumably, we may find that our appetite for something may bring more problems, or keep us stuck in place, in a way we never anticipated.