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František Kaván - 'The Air of Home' 1894 {{PD}}

František Kaván – ‘The Air of Home’ 1894 {{PD}}

Let’s just say, we’ve got our sh*t together, but the social order just isn’t supporting us. We know just what we should change, we are feeling centered and sure of our power as individuals and as unique Beings, and yet . . . our ambitions and desires are squelched within the social arena, one way or another. We might also be short-circuited by those who put their own expansion first, or who feel we must ‘learn’ something (or really, probably acknowledge their supremacy in some area we have aspirations in) before we proceed with the opportunity that is right in front of us–but their reality doesn’t have to be ours.

As long as we are willing to align our behavior with our highest values and standards, to ‘invest’ in relationships, and to act as stewards of our assets (that is, to use what we have and what is under our control with consciousness of the implications of our choices), we can trust our own thinking concerning ambition fulfillment–and go forward, joyfully, from there (Pluto qnx Vesta, Uranus conjoined Ceres, Jupiter contra-parallel Zeus, Venus trine Pallas, Merc trine Zeus)

Tip for the current Moon in Aquarius: if you’re puzzled by another’s emotional reaction, find they (or you) don’t seem to be having one, or see yourself or another rationalizing what otherwise might be upsetting, then you’re witnessing the influence of Moon in Aquarius. Just remember that the most common result is confusing feeling and thinking, and you’ll do well in sorting it all out.

Georges Seurat - 'Le Jardinier' c1892 {{PD}}

Georges Seurat – ‘Le Jardinier’ c1892 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a gardener breaking the peace of a beautiful summer day with his weed whacker. Of course, the person or thing creating the disturbance, symbolized by this image, will be different for each person. We have to ask ourselves a couple of questions about what might be bothering us: is this merely an irritant (to be ignored) or is this a serious disturbance to us? Is this thing that’s bothering us actually the byproduct of necessary action? Is it simply someone making a lot of noise, for their own reasons? And do we have the power to stop it? If the answer to that last question is No, then we need to find a way to live with whatever is getting under our skin–so defining it, by seeing just what it may be accomplishing (or not) is a good start.

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