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William Orpen 'The Eastern Gown' 1905 {{PD}}

William Orpen ‘The Eastern Gown’ 1905 {{PD}}

The wonderful thing about today is that the creativity flows, imagination pays in astonishing ways, and relationships live up to our ideals; too, a sense of being powerful in some area that is clearly our province is supported by our thinking, and generates ideas. We are able to use past successes to inform the now, tapping into creative capital, with results surpassing our expectations. So what might stop these miracles of progress? Our own mentality, if it is focused too acutely back at ourselves, if it is mired in past injuries, or if we are acting from a sense of woundedness–then we might see forward motion at an inexplicable halt, and find ourselves wondering if there’s anything we might do about it, which takes us back to that creative energy: it might need to be employed to once more tune in to the Love all around us, to set us back aright (Ceres nov SN, Venus trine Neptune, Merc sxt Ceres, sq Chiron, and parallel the Sun)

'Woman With Lorgnette' Artist Unknown, from the Epoche Louis-Philippe {{PD}}

‘Woman With Lorgnette’ Artist Unknown, from the Epoche Louis-Philippe {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a crown of pearls. We all have these just hanging around, waiting to be worn, don’t we? Pearls are the only gem created by a living creature, and as symbols of purity, have often adorned wedding garb or been involved in the ceremony–though a pearl as an engagement ring is said to be bad luck, as pearls have also been linked with tears (sometimes described as the tears of angels)–and pearls were a way in Medieval Venice of telling the ladies from the courtesans (nobles 1, prostitutes 0). So, pearls, and their form is a crown: not only the topmost Chakra, but also the thing worn by royalty, the ultimate symbol of a reigning monarch’s power. This symbol may be about tapping into our own highest, purest power, a spiritual manifestation of our integrity, connection to and honoring of the divine–which suggests a link to Vesta, currently at 18 Gemini–and though still within range of square to Jupiter, trine to Zeus, and quincunx to Pluto, rapidly moving away, implying a sense of  losing anchors related to the social milieu, our own ambitions and wants, and the change we want to see occur. It may be time for re-consideration of our current position, especially as it applies to our beliefs and our status, in light of changing times; align yourself consciously with your highest values (that is, crown yourself with pearls!) and you’ll know where you stand.